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Death between the Brushes (Third story of Barbora and Jaro)

A New Assignment

“You are very nifty with these fingers, Sergeant Holoubek”,  Inspector Barbora Kucera whispered while standing behind him. He was busy typing out a report on his laptop and the hot breath of Barbora did not make it easier for him. They still wanted to keep their relation out of the knowledge of their colleagues, but on times like these Jaro really disliked that.

Although they were in the room they shared at the police station he knew that any moment somebody could enter the room. He felt his superior putting a hand in his neck and sliding it slowly into his shirt. She decided to make it even more difficult for him by licking in his left ear and breathing heavily in it.

He was almost relieved when the phone on Barbora’s desk rang. With a sigh and a disappointed face she walked towards her desk and answered. “Yes, I’m coming up”, she said after listening a few seconds. “They need me upstairs, the Commissioner himself rang me. But I will be back for more soon.” She winked at Jaro and left the room.

When she came back he was just finishing his work on the laptop, filed it and send it away. “We are going to make a trip to the province, Jaro. We better go and pack our things here and some clothes from home. This might take some days.” Her Sergeant looked at her questioningly. “Where are we going?”

While they were collecting the things they needed from their desks and putting them in a bag Barbora told Jaro that they were assigned to solve a murder in the little village of Morina. In Morina was only a rural policeman, there was no police station. It would be a bit inconvenient to work from their normal desks and the top of the force wanted to make an impression, so the Commissioner already had rented two rooms for them in Bed and Breakfast in the village. They could work from there and if needed they could get a work container placed somewhere in the village, but that was for them to decide.

The Case

On their way to Morina, while Jaro was driving, Barbora started her laptop and put a memory stick in it. “Our new case”, she said. She read for some time and then nodded: she understood what it was all about.

She explained to Jaro that this was about the killing of the housekeeper and model of the famous painter Radek Kovac. The sergeant shrugged because the name was not familiar to him. But according to his superior he was world famous. The man lived on a former farm with his son Petr, who was 12 years old. He was a widower and so needed a housekeeper. This had been Jana Novakova for lots of years, but since a few years her granddaughter Jitka had taken over during summer when she didn’t have to go to university. Barbora showed a picture of the girl and Jaro whistled approvingly.

Radek was doing seminars in painting during the months of summer and had nine students from all over the world staying in his huge house. The former barn was used as a studio. It was here that Jitka had been found, while she obviously was waiting for the students to have finished their lunch in the main building. According to the report of the local police man everybody had been in the dining room except for the boy Petr who had been in school.

Jaro asked how the girl was killed. “She was killed by a floret, normally used for fencing. Don’t ask me why that thing was in the studio.”, Barbora answered. “What type of students were at the house of Kovac?”, the sergeant wanted to know. His superior didn’t know the answer, just that they came from all over Europe and probably didn’t meet the victim before.

Soon Jaro noticed that they left Prague behind them and were out in the country; the further they got from the capital the more quiet the road became. Once in a while there were lorries going in the opposite direction, normal passenger cars were becoming more and more rare. A few times they got stuck behind a farmer’s tractor and had to follow it for miles and miles before they got off the road. Taking over seemed to be very tricky; Jaro didn’t want to risk their lives.

Morina was a very small village, so it was very easy to find their B&B. The name “Waldlust” was written in old fashioned Germanic letters on the wall. It was an obvious attempt to attract German tourists and the name was a bit weird considering the lack of forests in the area. The place was surrounded by an unending sight of farming fields.

They parked their car and went inside to talk to the owner. Mister Havlicek was a bit of age; he told them he had done this place up by himself. Downstairs was the living space of him and his wife. Upstairs was completely independent with an own entrance at the back with a metal stairway to get there. They had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small kitchen fit for making coffee or tea and had microwave for emergencies. Havlicek had to laugh about these words, added that they would make sure the police officers didn’t need the thing. Breakfast and other meals (on request) were provided downstairs in the dining room.

Barbora and Jaro filled in the papers Havlicek asked them to fill and got the keys. She went upstairs while the sergeant got the suitcases and the laptops they had taken along. When he got in, she was comparing the rooms. “This one will be our headquarters and the other one our bedroom. Okay?” He nodded. “Just give me a hand with this…”, she pointed in the direction of the twin beds separated by bedside tables. They put the beds next to each other and the bed side tables on the outside.

In the other room, their headquarters, they pushed one bed to the wall, turned the other one upside down on top and the bedside tables also to the wall. The table and two chairs from the first room were set next to the table and chairs that were already there. “Now we only need a board or a flip over or such. I will make a request tomorrow. For now we just have a little time left to visit the family of the victim.”

Jitka’s Bedroom

The house of the Novakovas was not hard to find in this small village. The grandmother opened the door for them. She was an elderly woman who showed the signs of a hard working life. She was a bit skin and bones and her betrayed that she had been crying a lot the last time. Even so she was very friendly and had no problem of having the police taking a look in the bedroom of her murdered grandchild.  Walking them up to the room she told Jaro and Barbora that the girl’s parents had moved to Australia a few years before. Jitka had stayed behind because she was in her last year in school and had stayed over here. The last years she only came over during the summer months because normally she was living near the university. The old woman told them too that she had been looking for a diary, she knew Jitka kept one. She had been searching the whole room, but could not find it. After these words she left them to do their job and went downstairs.

For Barbora and Jaro it was quite obvious that the girl did not spend a lot of her time in that room for the last years. It still was breathing a sort of teenage spirit with pictures of  some famous pop groups on the wall that were at their top a few years before. She never bothered to take them down. While Jaro looked under the bed and in the wardrobe, Barbora went through the contents of the drawers of her bedside table and a little desk that was placed under the window.

“I wish we could find that diary! That would be gold for us!”, but disappointed she shook her head; it was not there. Besides clothes, shoes and make-up, Jaro didn’t find anything interesting. He had a look behind mirrors and on top of the wardrobe, but shook his head too. Barbora shrugged, it would have been too good to be true.
Downstairs the grandma agreed that if they would find the diary elsewhere that they could take the diary along; for what it was worth, they would take it without her consent too. Jaro had been brooding on something and now he came up with it. “Surely, you did not take the cleaning job up again when Jitka became a model for Radek?” he asked the old woman. She shook her head: “No, for these weeks this has been taken on by Madam Havliceka. Yes, from the B&B Waldlust.”

When they were back in their quarters he still was a bit grumpy about it: “Havlicek could have told us about this! It could have speeded things up a bit. Oh, well, we’ll have to ask her about the artist’s world and his followers during breakfast. Which is between 7 and 9:30 AM I read between the fire escape instructions and the lay out of the building. The last thing is utter nonsense I can tell you everything about the construction of the building already and I’ve only been here for a few hours.” Barbora did not join in into his moaning, instead she asked him about going to bed now or to try to get a drink somewhere in these outskirts of the world. He was feeling just as tired and so the decision to go to bed was quickly made.

They squeezed into one of the beds together and Jaro started to sigh which showed his agitation far too good for Barbora’s taste. “Shh, you grumpy old beast!” and he sensed her head going towards his limp dick. He totally was not in the mood for anything that even resembled sex, but she managed to get him stiff and silent. He could sense his dick throbbing within seconds, ready for an explosion and he could not stop himself letting out some sounds that seemd to come from his underbelly. “This is the moaning I do like to hear coming from you”, she said, letting him go for a few moments. When he felt like doing some more than just letting her sucking him off, she did that little trick with her hands under his balls and he came with a sound that reminded her of a sob.

“And now just hold me and sleep!”, she demanded. And he could not do anything else than obey.


In the morning he felt like a very old man. He had been sleeping on the two edges of the neighbouring matrasses and he could hardly get out of bed. Barbora guided him into the bathroom and nodded approvingly, seeing it had the shower. For this morning this was the bathroom she wanted. He went into the cubicle a bit sheepishly, but reacted well when she started to rub his back while the hot water made his muscles relax. Without wanting it his penis started to become erect, more and more waving like a little flagpole.

“Ah, it’s alive!”, Barbora exclaimed and started to spread shower gel from a tube all over his dick and balls. “Now I can see it with my own eyes instead of with my tongue”, she laughed and gave this object some gentle jerks.  Her lovely way of handling it made Jaro forget about his painful back and soon his fluids mixed with the soap she had so generous applied. “Feeling better now?”, Barbora asked.  “What about you?” , he was able to say after some time. Barbora assured him it was perfect like it was and rinsed her body with the full stream of water while Jaro started to dry himself. She followed him quite soon and they got dressed.

The dining room or rather breakfast room was soon found and while they were making plans for the day, the owner of the B&B showed up with coffee. “My wife is frying some eggs for you, if you like.” They nodded at the same time, felt quite hungry, so he went back to the kitchen to tell her. “YES, THEY WOULD LIKE FRIED EGGS!”, they heard him shout.

Soon she appeared in the dining room with two plates with fried eggs and placed them in front of them. “We heard you clean up for Mr.Kovac. Did you ever see something out of the ordinary over there?”,  Barbora asked. The big grey woman spoke loud in reply: “Yes, salt and pepper are on your table.” 

“Forget it, Barbora.”, Jaro said, “you might as well ask this to one of the chairs. She is almost deaf. I’m sure she really did not hear anything out of the ordinary. Probably did not hear anything.”  Mrs.Havliceka nodded approvingly: “Yes, it is nice weather, even for this time of the year.” She turned around and went back to the kitchen.

They ate their breakfast and asked for more coffee when Mr.Havlicek came back to the room. He apologised for any inconvenience his wife might have given. She was too stubborn to see that she needed a hearing aid. When the owner of the B&B came back with a can of coffee, he was accompanied by a policeman in uniform. He sort of saluted and introduced himself, he was the village policeman called Adam Bunda. He already knew their names and he put an envelope in front of Barbora. “The pictures of the murder victim”, he added.

“First we start with coffee, my friend!”, Jaro announced and he asked Havlicek to bring a cup or a mug for Adam. The owner of Waldlust poored the coffee for Adam when Jaro came up with an idea. “Can I please get a piece of paper and some tape from you? Room number one will be our headquarters and I will mark it like that. Would you please tell the staff that this room should not be entered, not even to be cleaned.” Havlicek nodded and brought what Jaro had asked for.

The uniformed policeman wanted to open the envelope but Barbora shook her head. “Not here”, we’ll have a look in our “headquarters” and talk things over. This is not something for the public. Adam understood and put the envelope back on the table.

Gathering of the facts

Jaro looked approvingly at his creation on the door. “HQ of POLICE. NO ENTRANCE” he had written in big letters. “Almost professional”, Barbora laughed and they invited Adam to sit down at the table. Jaro took the laptops of the table and the envelope was placed there instead.

Adam took the photos out and pointed at the lethal wound. It was exactly in a heart that was drawn on the victim’s chest. “I think it is a ritual murder. I think she was sacrificed in some satanical celebration.” Jaro was about to laugh, but noticed that the uniformed policeman was quite serious. “Let us not jump to conclusions too soon, Adam”, Barbora Kucera reacted.

On the other photos the place where Jitka was found was showed. It was in the front of the studio, a bit away the easels could be seen. There were two weapons, one fence was in Jitka’s right hand. She was wearing white gloves. On a table a fencer’s mask could be seen and the other weapon. On it there was a cap, like you always see them in tournaments.

There were also photos of the house and the studio. The studio was the former barn; in between the house and the studio was a yard. To come to the yard that led to the house and the studio was a sort of gate, a brick building around it, almost looking like a house, which was quite high. From the house and the studio you would see anyone who would enter that gate. It all looked very solid.

Barbora and Jaro nodded towards Adam, this all was clear enough for them. Jaro wanted to hear from Adam Kunda if he knew anything about a relation between Radek Kovac and Jitka Novakova. He only had heard some rumours that Mr.Kovac was more than interested in the girl, but so were a lot of men in the village. Himself included, he added. Such a lovely girl! Of course Kovac was a widower and was raising a child on his own, the whole village expected him to remarry for years now.

The next thing Jaro and Barbora wanted to know was who the participants were in the seminar. Adam Kunda took his little notebook out of his uniform.  He had the list quite ready for them.
There were nine participants:
Roel and Margriet Verhoeff from the Netherlands, aged 35 and 31;
Bob and Jane Campbell from the United Kingdom, aged 39 and 29;
Franz Sparwasser from Germany, aged 49;
Chris and Nicole Verstraaten from Belgium, aged 45 and 47;
Andras and Nusi Horvat from Hungary, aged 28 and 29.
According to Radek Kovac, Franz Sparwasser was added to the group after a German couple cancelled.

Adam Bunda could not add a lot to this information, he only could tell that Herr Sparwasser was quite a fat man and not very popular with the others.
Barbora and Jaro thanked him and after some talking about how the enquiries would be led by them Adam went away, back to his normal duties. Wherever possible he would be assisting the detectives from Prague.

The Studio

They went by car to the house and studio of Radek Kovac. The description of it was right: it was a homestead originally built hundreds of years ago, the complex of buildings surrounded by a wall that almost gave it the appearance of a castle. In the walls was a gateway wide enough for a carriage, or in these modern days a car could pass through. On the left was what once had been barns, but now contained an enormous studio and two garages; on the right there was the main building, the house Radek was living in. The artist himself showed them a bit around.

The guests were all staying in the main house, that had six bedrooms and a huge dining room. Radek explained that normally his son would have his bedroom in the house too, but in the summer months he stayed in one of the two bedrooms above the studio. The other bedroom was used the last weeks by Jitka Novakova. The painter told Jaro and Barbora that it had been easier this way because of the evening sessions they sometimes did with his students.

Again he made clear that it would have been impossible for anybody to enter the house or the studio from outside unseen. From the dining room you had an excellent view on the studio and none of the guests, nor he himself had seen somebody enter through the gateway.

Barbora asked Radek to let Jaro and herself have access to Jitka’s bedroom. They went upstairs; it was easy to notice which room was the room of the son of the painter. The boy had pinned a sign on his door: KEEP OUT! THIS IS PETR’S ROOM! Of course they had a quick look: he had the small room decorated with posters of Superman, Spiderman and more of the Marvel heroes. It was a small room with just a bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe.

Next to it was a bathroom, it was quite simple and had only a shower, a toilet and a washbasin. On a shelf were two toothbrushes and two tubes of toothpaste. So the boy and Jitka had been sharing this room, Jaro thought aloud. There was also a separate bathroom with only a toilet and a washbasin; it was situated behind the other bedroom.
In that other bedroom were no posters. It was slightly bigger and contained next to the furniture the boy’s room had a sofa with a coffee table and a small refrigerator. There was even a very small kitchen that made it possible to make coffee or tea. Barbora and Jaro went through the room very thorough. In a suitcase that was as good as empty they found a few books and something else. “Bingo!”, Jaro cried out when he discovered the diary they had been looking for in the bedroom in her grandmother’s house.

Now they had what they wanted they could leave the estate of Radek Kovac. Barbora and Jaro did this after telling him his guests had to stay where they were during the investigations. According to the artist some were already complaining that they wanted to go home. Of course they did not come all the way over to his place to be confronted with murder and with their model gone there was not much to paint. “Let them do some work on still life and nature”, Jaro suggested, “I’m too busy to model for them myself.” Barbora warned him by just looking at him to be quiet, Radek Kovac pretended not to have heard his words.

Barbora explained to Kovac that they probably would want a word with everybody. The talks would be at their headquarters in the B & B.  They would invite people by phone or would pick them up. The artist nodded, he understood and he said that he would tell his students that they had to stay. They already expected this.
Jaro looked around one more time: “I really don’t see how anybody could get to Jitka and murder her. Barbora reacted by saying that she thought that when they would know who did it, they probably also would know how it was done.

The Diary

Back in their headquarters Barbora and Jaro found in front of their door a metal board on legs, a tape recorder with some tapes, stickers, markers, feltpens and sticky tape. They dragged the board in their office and put it next to one of the walls; the tape recorder and the tapes were placed on the table; the rest was placed under the metal board. Jaro wanted to change into something more comfortable and disappeared in their bedroom while Barbora started to read in the diary.

He came back in shorts and with a big smile on his face: “They gave us another mattress! No more gap to cause a sore back!”  “Nice”, Barbora answered, without taking her eyes from the diary. “This thing is going to help us a lot, I think. I’m sure there are more diaries written by Jitka, but this one starts almost at the time she came over to model for these would-be-artists.”

“It seems Radek Kovac proposed twice to her. Was not very happy when she turned it down. She is saying that she feels a bit sorry for the boy, Radek obviously is searching for a new mother for his child, but she would never be able to be a sort of parent for him. They get along really well, he is quite smart for his age and is a sort of friend for her, one you can have a laugh with. Maybe we should invite the artist for a little talk this afternoon.”

Jarek was already on the phone and made him come over in a few hours; the man was not in, but buying supplies for his guests . Barbora wrote the time on the board and took hold of the diary again. Jarek went behind her chair and tried to read along. The handwriting of Jitka was too small for that and it made him feel a bit useless. He leaned a bit over Barbora and opened a few buttons of her blouse. She pretended not to notice and went on reading. His right hand disappeared in her blouse and he started playing with a nipple through her bra.

The pretty police officer sighed and turned a page. His hand came out of the blouse and went down until the buttons of her jeans were found. Barbora shifted a bit on her chair and made the unbuttoning a bit easier that way. His right hand disappeared again and now she could not pretend to be indifferent anymore. She moaned and got up from the chair. “These police sergeants get more and more demanding…” She took him by the hand and led him to their bedroom: ”We have two hours.”

Radek Kovac

By the time Radek Kovac knocked on their door they were very prepared for him. It had been a lovely time together, but now they were sharp and ready. After they had the painter sit down and switched on the tape-recorder Barbora immediately made clear that they wanted all the information he could give. “You did not tell us exactly what your connection to Jitka was. This doesn’t make a great impression on us, mister Kovac!”

Radek Kovac answered that he didn’t think this would be important towards the investigation. He apologised and declared he wanted to tell them everything they wanted. Jaro and Barbora nodded and asked him to start telling everything from the beginning.

So he started with the death of his wife and how he not only lost the love of his life but also his muse. He – the once so productive painter – could not find any inspiration to make new work after the disaster. His income went downhill: work that was in galleries was being sold and posters of his work, but this was not enough to keep the house and the studio running. His agent had come with the idea of seminars for amateurs and the extra income he made of it, was enough to continue having a decent lifestyle.

Because of the lesser income his son Petr could not stay the nights in the boarding school. Lucky for them it was possible to continue following the lessons and eating and sleeping at home. He had come to an agreement with the school for Petr to sleep at school when he had to attend exhibitions or lectures. They desperately needed the money.

Most of the times the father would pick up his son around three after school hours, but in the summer- close to the summer holidays – he would be taken along by other parents picking their child up from school. Petr now officially had just one week to go before summer holidays started, but his father had decided to keep him home. The school was okay with this. He was really in a miserable state because of the death of Jitka, who had meant so much to him. The holiday would be good for him.

Jitka also meant quite a lot to Radek himself. Because of her posing for him he was able to paint new work. And he admitted that he was smitten by her: she was so adorable. The fact that she could get along with Petr so well, made it clear for the painter that she would be the ideal wife for him. Last year he had propsed to her, only to hear that she had a boyfriend. Jitka expected him to propose to her soon in these days.

The boyfriend left her to study in Paris at the Sorbonne and broke up the relationship later that year, Radek had heard. So he had asked the lovely Jitka again to marry him. She refused again, saying that he was old enough to be her father and that she could not be a mother for Petr. The two of them played games, did silly things. They were almost like brother and sister to each other.  

So Radek Kovac had done the only thing possible: he had asked her to stay on for the cleaning and the modelling. She already did the modelling for the seminar the last year and they agreed on continuing that too. The first one or two weeks the students did Still Life and nature studies and after that Jitka posed dressed in costumes or in the nude for the would-be artists. Things went very well; everybody always loved the girl. 

There had been a few minor incidents with people who thought they could take advantage of her goodness, but it had not been a problem for Radek to sort things out. Of course he had wanted more from her. It could have been so great to have her as his lover, as his wife. She, Petr and himself could have been a very happy family. But things did not go like that. After that he fell silent.

Jaro stopped the tape-recorder, it was obvious that there was no more information coming from Radek this time. They thanked him and asked him to send or bring Franz Sparwasser to them for answering some questions.

Franz Sparwasser

While waiting for the German man Barbora and Jaro talked about what they had heard from Radek. It was quite obvious that the painter had been an admirer of Jitka and that he loves his son. There was no motive at all for him to murder his lovely model. It even sounded like he had hopes for a moment to arrive in which the girl would have agreed to marry him. So the detectives decided that they could take Radek Kovac’ name from their list of possible suspects.

There was a knock at the door about half an hour later: Franz Sparwasser. He was quite a big man, almost bald headed. He had taken the trouble to get himself in a suit and it was very clear that this was not a normal thing for him. The suit had probably been bought in slimmer days: he must have had trouble to squeeze himself in it. This made him quite uncomfortable; he was sweating like anything.

The German told Jaro and Barbora that he had been summoned by them to appear and that Radek had been so good to bring him here. He told them too that he was very shocked to be seeing a police investigation with himself involved. In Heidelberg he was a very respected man, being an unscrupulous accountant.

He was about to boast a bit more about himself, but Jaro stopped him. “Are you also unscrupulous with women, Herr Sparwasser?” The man nodded, but the police sergeant went on: “Didn’t you have an unpleasant encounter with Jitka?” He shook his head: it all had been a misunderstanding. Sparwasser just wanted to make a little joke, but the model had taken it seriously. Barbora stepped in and asked him about the times when he had invited the girl to his bedroom while she was posing. He had sneaked up behind her and had whispered indecent things. “Just some jokes, sir…” He sweated even more.

He had been warned by Radek about this and got his “final” warning a few days before the death of Jitka. He had sneaked up behind her again and had grabbed her breasts while shouting: “Guess who this is!” A bit like what people do with covering somebody’s eyes and asking this. Jitka had been furious and the other students had been shocked by this behaviour. The painter told him that he could go back to Heidelberg whenever something happened again.

“I did nothing like that again. Pff… Jokes are not welcome here. These Czechs are very stiff.
Barbora looked annoyed and almost shouted: “What did you mean with “‘I’ll get you for this!”’  Was that another of your world famous jokes?”  He wiped some sweat from his forehead and sighed: “I was just upset.”

They sat in silence for a moment; Barbora and Jaro looking at the man, who wiped his head again. “I would never hurt anybody. I can’t even kill a fly. I knew I was wrong, thought things were more relaxed having a nude model around. I even apologized to Jitka, but of course you would not know about this. But it is really true. Can’t I do anything right in this country?” It seemed he was feeling sorry for himself, had tears in his eyes.

Barbora had enough of him and sent him away. He started moaning about how to get back to the studio. Jaro was visibly irritated: “What about walking Herr Sparwasser? It’s a lovely day and it’s a nice walk. The police is for policing and not for being as a taxi company for Herr Sparwasser. Good day to you!” He got up and shoved the man out of the door.

“What a horrible man!” Barbora shouted, knowing full well that he could hear this. Together they looked out of the window to see him leave the building. When they saw him walking out Jaro shook his head. “A horrible man, but not a guilty one. I don’t think he could have killed her in a million years. He would have sweated himself to death.” Barbora laughed and announced that she would read a bit in the diary. Jaro wanted to read the statements again and look at the pictures of the murder scene.

Chris and Nicole Verstraaten

Jaro had not seen much of the pictures of the victim before and he studied them closely. He told Barbora how amazing it was that the deadly wound was exactly at the same spot as the red heart was painted on her chest. He knew that with fencing there is such a target on the protective suit, but this was rather different. Maybe they should ask Radek more some questions about this. Was is just for arty reasons put upon her?

It must have been a weird thing to paint. A naked girl wearing a fencing mask and a painted heart on one of her breasts. It made you wonder how artful these sessions must have been. He had read about Jitka posing dressed as well, but this was different to anything he had heard of before.  Was it a pose one of the students had requested?
He pointed this out to Barbora and she thought it would be best if he just phoned Radek Kovac and asked about it. And having him on the phone, he should ask Chris and Nicole Verstraaten to come to their headquarters.

The painter told Jaro that this pose was something he had done on his own with his late wife some twenty years ago. The painting that came of it was now hanging somewhere in New York; it was bought by a hotel owner. Because of lack of inspiration he had used the same idea for his students. Jitka was meant to pose like this in the afternoon, but was killed, so nothing was made of it by the students.

He would bring Chris and Nicole within an hour, he promised. That was fine for the police officers, it gave them time to prepare themselves for this Belgian couple. They were about the same age as the fat German, only a few years younger. Chris being 45 and Nicole 47.

When the Verstraatens walked in, Jaro almost said something. The couple was slim and looked a lot younger than their age. They probably spent a lot of time in the gym and the tanning studio or had very sportive holidays.
He was wearing  white linen trousers and a colourful polo shirt; she had a white matching skirt to his trousers, almost like an old fashioned tennis skirt. Her top was less colourful and too many of the top buttons were undone. Jaro decided to say something after all: “Now we have noticed that you do your sunbathing at least topless, you can button up again.” Nicole seemed to blush and covered up a bit. Barbora grinned at Jaro, but did not say a word.  

She first addressed the man, asked why they participated in the seminar, how they got along with the painting and what they thought about their fellow students. The couple told them that they expected more of it. They knew there would be painting from nude models, but thought the atmosphere would be much more relaxed.

Their lifestyle could be described as being swingers, they tried to enjoy life to the fullest and had hoped they would meet more hedonistic people over here. Instead people had been shocked when they had suggested an exchange of partners or threesomes. The other couples had been angry when asked and Jitka had made a scene which had caused Mister Kovac to warn them. Thet were to be sent off if any more incidents would occur. Only the fact that they had paid for these weeks stopped them from going back to Belgium.

Jaro asked if they had tried Franz Sparwasser. He would have joined them. Nicole pulled a face; she obviously was disgusted just with the idea. “I would rather ask your colleague, mister Holoubek. No, I would not ask you.”
“Wow, how nice!”, reacted a cynical Barbora. “I must warn you, if you are insulting us or address us in an inappropriate manner you might get fined. We tape everything you say, so we have plenty of proof already.”

“We are sorry”, Chris said, ”I’m sure my wife just wanted to give an example. It was not an invitation or a suggestion.” His wife nodded.
“You seem to get very nasty when things are not going your way, I hear,” Barbora went on. “You threatened Jitka not long before the day she died. You said that you would get her in the end. That sounds quite ominous to me.” Chris shook his head: “This was not a threat, more something of a hope that we would get her in our bed after all.”
“You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are old enough to be her parents. It’s disgusting.” Jaro shouted.

“We thought she was much older, just heard her age after she died. We would never hurt anybody, or force them into things they don’t want. We don’t want that happen to us either.” Nicole looked at them in an apologizing manner. “We love to make love in every possible way and try to avoid anything that might be unpleasant.”

Barbora had heard enough and send the couple back to Radek’s place. Looking out of the window they could see them walking away, hand in hand. They stopped for a kiss and then went on again.

“Suspects?” Barbora asked. Jaro shook his head. “I totally agree”, she reacted.  The commissioner called and asked if they were making progress, maybe needed more assistance. Barbora assured him they were fine as it was and that progress was a bit slow, but they were sure to get results within a few days. Jaro laughed after the phone call: “Are you sure about that?” Shook his head.

Bob and Jane Campbell

The rest of the day was filled with more reading in the diary and a good meal in a restaurant in a neighbouring village. They bought a few bottles of wine in the local shop next to the restaurant and had a lovely and loving evening in their private headquarters.

The next morning after breakfast Jaro phoned Radek Kovac, asked him about Bob and Jane Campbell. According to Radek the woman was very talented and the man just bossy without any feeling for art, but the couple did not give any trouble. Jaro told the painter that the couple was invited for a talk anyway, he was going to pick them up. They should be ready in half an hour.

When Jaro picked them up he made them sit on the backseats and did not make any conversation with them. They were quite unrestful: he was trying to hold her hand, but silently she withdrew it and placed it on her lap. They did not speak a word to each other, instead both looked out of the windows. Jaro almost regretted that the ride was so short: often it was good to get the people steam up a bit. That made them more vulnerable and easier to interrogate.

Jane was invited to talk first. Bob was already walking along towards the room, but was stopped by Jaro. “We talk with you separately.”
“We don’t have secrets for each other, Mister Holoubek”, the man said.
“I’m sure your wife is very able to talk for herself, Mister Campbell”, Jaro snapped. She nodded and went in the room, Bob Campbell was sent downstairs to wait over there.

Barbora made Jane Campbell more at ease and got her talking and hardly had to stop her for asking questions. She told the detectives that Bob was a bit controlling. This was his second marriage; his first wife divorced him and married to a former neighbour. The seminar was meant to give Jane some great weeks and she was enjoying the painting lessons and good advice from Radek Kovac.

Her husband was hovering over her all the time, he saw dangers coming from all directions. If Radek was giving her instructions and was standing close to her, he would pop up next to them to listen in. A talk with Chris and Nicole Verstraaten on one of the first days had given him quite a scare. The Belgian couple had told him that they would like a threesome with her and asked if he would mind that. If he insisted he could be there to watch, that would give an extra thrill. He had become quite angry and threatened to complain to Radek about this. The Verstraatens did not try anything again.

After this he became even more protecting, but it really was suffocating Jane. Sometimes she would stay a bit longer after painting sessions, just wanted to work a bit longer because she was in a flow. He always insisted to stay with her and silently watch her paint. Last week she had enough of this and shouted him away. He had gone to the main house with an angry look on his face and Jane had been in tears.

Jitka had seen the whole thing and the two of them had a talk. That night Bob would get a lesson, Jane was going to sleep above the studio, Jitka offered her half of her bed. Maybe that would make it clear that Jane didn’t want to be glued to him all the time. She phoned him on his mobile and told him she was going to sleep above the studio to get a bit of painting done before breakfast. He started shouting, but she just turned the phone off.

Later he showed up shouting in front of the studio which was already locked by Jitka for the night. The girl send him away with the threat of complaining to Radek about his behaviour. After that he went away. The next morning he was all sweetness towards Jane.
“He was, I’m sure, but he has warned Jitka that he would get her for this,” Barbora said.
Jane nodded, added that he later apologized towards Jitka. He was not a violent man, just very insecure. They had some talks the last weeks and he made promises to change, give her more space. She loved him just as much as he loved her, would never leave him. Now, after three years of marriage, he seemed to be more certain about Jane staying with him. He was a good man, maybe still needed to grow up a bit.

Barbora decided to let the couple go after this, did not want to spend more time listening to them. When Jane left the room, they looked outside. Bob was waiting for her outside, was walking up and down in the back of the B&B, like a caged lion. When she came out, he embraced her like he had not seen her in a decade. He put an arm around her and they walked away.

“Is the man a suspect?” Barbora asked. They both shook their head.

Andras and Nusi Horvat

They had lunch at the same restaurant they had enjoyed their dinner the other night. While having the last sips of coffee, Barbora phoned Radek and asked if he could get Andras and Nusi Horvat ready to be picked up within an hour. He promised to do such.
When they got to the house of Radek Kovac the Hungarian couple were waiting in front of the porch, sitting on a bench in the sunshine. They told Barbora and Jaro that we would be very happy to help them any way they could.

In the headquarters it became quite clear they were no help at all. The young couple were having a sort of honeymoon while being at the seminar. They normally would do sporty things during their holidays, but after three years of living together they married and decided something else would be more appropriate.

They loved the sessions and told the police officers that they planned to do their own painting of each other. Painting each other in the nude would be more pleasant than having an artist make them pose for him or her.  And it would be possible to do it in a manner they would love on their bedroom wall.

They thought Jitka was a lovely girl, a bit about their own age and they got along really well. Because the young couple was living near Lake Baloton they also lived near the place where the yearly Sziget Festival takes place. They had invited Jitka to come over during that time and go to the festival together. The girl had happily accepted and the three of them already looked forward to that time. It always had the best and the newest pop music. 

For the rest they didn’t notice a lot, were in their bedroom a lot when there were no sessions or meals. Or they would have a walk in the lovely area.
Barbora heard enough and knew enough. She phoned Radek Kovac to tell him that they would like to see Roel and Margriet Verhoeff. 

Roel and Margriet Verhoeff

The Dutch couple made it very clear to the detectives that they felt very annoyed to have to talk to the police. “We did nothing wrong and yet we are treated like criminals!”

Jaro made it clear that they were just hear for a talk and that there was an investigation going on. But the couple stood by what they said, they had nothing to do with it at all. They were both quite tall and slim and the woman had been in the sun quite a lot, considering her tanned and wrinkly skin. She must have been smoking a lot of cigarettes. She had a smoky, raspy voice that really got to your nerves. He was letting her talk, kept himself to nodding approvingly. Margriet got very upset hearing she could not smoke during the talk.

They had a lot to moan about: the food was not what they expected, they hardly learned anything from Radek who had only eyes for what Jane Campbell painted. They had been part of an exhibition in Bergen aan Zee in the Netherlands, they said proudly.  “Sunday painters from Bergen” and it had been a success. They had hoped to get to yet a higher level through this seminar.

They disliked most of their fellow students: Bob Campbell had weird eyes, Franz Sparwasser was a dirty man. He would ask you to pull his finger and then fart very loud or he would just lift one leg and did the same. The Hungarians were always touching each other and kissing. Why didn’t they do this in their room? And the Belgians were creeps with their constant talking about sex.

The murdered girl was nice, but they could hardly understand her. That was the problem with all the people in the seminar. You would expect the English to speak proper English, but what they were talking was not what you learned at school in the Netherlands. And Radek had been disappointing all along with that strange boy of him. He would walk away from the dinner table just like that and the father would not say anything about it. The boy could use a strict father or mother.

This went on and on added with that they didn’t know about anything, didn’t hear anything and didn’t see anything. Barbora soon had enough of the couple and sent them away. Of course they were very angry realising they had to walk back to the Kovac’ house. It was a “bloody scandal”! They would complain to the Dutch consul about this treatment. Downstairs they walked away looking back a few times, showing their anger.

“Phew! Finally they are gone. What a horrible couple. Makes you wonder if all these Dutch are like this!”, Jaro exclaimed. Barbora agreed, but already was thinking ahead. “Horrible, but certainly not our killers.”

“All and all we’re not getting any further like this!”, Jaro sounded quite irritated. “I have the feeling the solution of this case is staring us in the eyes.”   Barbora nodded pensive: “I think we have to step back a bit and look at everything again tomorrow. A fresh pair of eyes will do us both good. I will go and visit Eliska tonight to set my mind on different things. Have some girl talks the two of us.” She laughed a bit, but Jaro couldn’t get the irritation out of his mood. He told her he would take every statement they had home and read everything out loud where nobody would interrupt him.

Barbora looked at him with a bit of hurt in her eyes; it certainly wasn’t her stopping him in his thoughts for sure. He noticed it immediately and apologised, never meant it that way. But he really wished to be with his own thoughts tonight, he even was going to turn his phone off. He closed the lid of his laptop with a bang, went up to the lovely police officer, kissed her and asked her to say hello to Eliska.

After Jaro left their office Barbora picked up her phone and rang Eliska. She was going to be alone tonight; as far as the police woman knew, Ole was in Sweden. Yet it was him who picked up the phone. It startled Barbora and for a moment she couldn’t answer.

Then the words came out of her mouth like she was a different person, even speaking in a different tone: “Master, this is Thru. I didn’t know you were at home. I do hope you are okay.” Ole answered in his own calm way that he had come home a few days sooner because things had gone better than expected. “Is there something that you need, Thru?”

Barbora felt herself shrinking a bit while she asked: “Would it be convenient for you Master if I asked you for a session tonight?” Ole said it was alright with him and ordered her to be at the studio at 9 PM sharp. She thanked him and rushed home to prepare herself.

An Uncomfortable Session

When Barbora arrived at the house in the Johannes Husstreet she was dressed almost casually, wearing a pair of jeans and a loose oversized red sweater without a bra. The door was opened by Eliska who embraced her and kissed her on both cheeks. She wore grey jogging trousers and a grey shirt with a very low V neck that showed quite a lot of her breasts. “Were you really planning this?”, she asked.  “Maybe I should have told you that Ole was here, we could have gone out together.” Barbora shook her head: “I need to focus on something. This might do the trick again.”

The women went up to the studio where Ole was busy putting things on a chair. He was humming a bit in himself, like he was quite pleased about something. Somehow it gave Barbora a shivering feeling when she saw it was not only a set of ropes that was selected for the session. Ole asked her to undress and he took her clothes and put them on another chair, a few steps away from them. He came back to her and asked her to look at him while she was still figuring out what was on the chair in front of her.

“Thru, it is time for you to take a next step. I want us to go a bit further than just binding you. A true bondage model can endure a lot of discomfort. We haven’t even started to give you that. So this session will be a whole new start for us, but be sure it will not be a pleasant one. Do you consent in this?” Thru couldn’t help trembling and couldn’t answer immediately. She noticed that Eliska was looking studying at her. 

Finally she could get the words out: “Yes, I agree, Master. You do what is needed.”
Ole asked her to lay on two chairs and started binding her with the familiar white and red ropes. First her ankles were attached to her upper legs; her arms were tied at her back, crossed so the left arm was bound to the right leg and the right arm to the left leg. This way he forced her to be the most exposed as possible.  He made a cruel bra with the ropes, that felt like one that was three sizes too small. He attached enough ropes so that he could lift her in the air. The Master looked at her swinging a bit in the air and adjusted it, so she looked face down in a slight angle. He ordered Eliska to put the gagging ball in Thru’s mouth. Eliska was slightly bending over putting the ball in and the lovely police woman could not keep her eyes of the lovely breasts that came in display because of that. After that she attached the device behind her, pulling it tighter than her friend ever had sensed before.

He walked around her and nodded approvingly. Now he asked Elsika to hand him the metal thing from the chair that was straight with two little hooks. The hooks were placed in her nostrils and metal thing attached to a rope that he attached to her hair that he packed in a rough kind of ponytail. On the chair was one thing left: a metal hook that made her think of slaughterhouses.  He was humming again when she saw him putting some oil on the hook.

He placed the hook in her vagina; never in her life she had got something as cold placed in her and at first she could feel closing for the thing. The cruel hands of the Master pushed it through her resistance. On her back he was making some knot again and soon she understood what he did. She was now forced to look up. If she didn’t, the awful cold hook would get even more inside of her.

She really felt awful, yet very sexy too, if only Jaro was here. She would have loved to get him inside of her instead of that horrible hook. Thru must have made a sort of sound, because of that Eliska came sitting under her face. “I’m sure you want Jaro here. I already tried to phone him, but he is not answering calls or messages.”  Ole was now standing beside Eliska and it was very obvious that he was in a state of excitement. He shook his head: “No Thru, I will not replace your lover. This all will make you even more aware of the state you are in. This is part of your training.”

The pair walked out of her sight, while she could hear Eliska offering the Master some relief. He really needed it and they could go out of the room. Ole didn’t want to hear about that, he said. They had to keep their eyes on Thru. The bounded woman could hear the rustling of clothes and Ole was giving orders to the blond Czech woman. “Now bend over the chair.” And later: “Use your other hand!” There was a lot of moaning and Barbora could hear Eliska come with a shout. Ole walked up behind her and she felt his cum shooting over her back. While she felt some of her drooling getting cold on her face, she felt the Master’s deposit cooling down too. And he had been right: she had never felt so uncomfortable before in her life.

She was kept this way far too long, Barbora didn’t experience this as stimulating and the case was very far from her mind. Finally Ole and Eliska came back to her and untied her. Ole ordered Eliska to take Thru to the bathroom and wash her with a flannel and cold water. “You will sleep with her in the red room afterwards. And I do mean sleeping. As part of this session there will be no joy given to Thru.”


The next morning Barbora woke up, alone in the bed. Eliska had gone and she could hear sounds coming from somewhere in the house. Somebody had put her clothes in the room and a towel. She had a shower and went to the kitchen where she found Eliska busy with preparations for a big breakfast. Ole was sitting at the table reading a newspaper. He looked up at her; “We need to talk”.

He explained to her that the bondage sessions became a bit uneasy for him. At the first sessions he merely respected her for what she was: a police officer. But in order to work with her he had to change her into someone. Hence Thru was invented. But now he became more and more fond of her and the bondage sessions caused him to feel other things than he should have, as a professional. When she was so available and open it was very hard for him to stay that professional. In order to manage that he would have to make things a lot harder for her, degrading her into an object so he could handle her like he wanted. Just like he would treat a professional bondage model. He was giving performances all over the world and sometimes in primitive situations. The models had to endure very unpleasant times on these occasions.

“If I compare you with somebody like Kiko, I can make it more clear for you. Kiko was a shining star in ropes; she was the subject of sessions, while poor Thru has been made into an object. Kiko was really the master of the sessions, I always sensed what she wanted me to do, even when she did not speak. In sessions with Thru, she is a victim of my deeds. Indeed a willing and capable victim, but it’s not what I am after. I am a Shibari master, I don’t want to change into an S&M master.”

Barbora nodded, she understood. “Can’t I have more simple sessions?” Ole looked at her and shook his head, “Not with me. But I do agree with you having sessions with Eliska. If needed I can give advice and occasionally assistance. Is that okay with you?”
Barbora felt very relieved, walked to the Master and embraced him. “Thank you, Ole.”

A discovery in the morning

When Barbora came in the B&B she went straight to their office where she found Jaro sitting on a chair and staring at the metal board. There was the list they made of the people that had been near Jitka before she was killed. Through every name a line was drawn, meaning they were all deleted as a suspect from their list.

He looked up at her and the way he did that, she could sense that he felt there was something wrong with her. He got up and took her in his arms.  “I missed you”, he spoke in a soft voice. She held back the tears that came to her, she didn’t want to talk about the last evening, instead she whispered: “I missed you too, Jaro. It looks like I can’t be an evening without you.”

Her phone rang and she let him go and took it out of her handbag. It was the commissioner who wanted to know about their progress. Barbora pulled a face and told him that they were busy eliminating suspects from their list. She could not say how much longer they needed for the investigation and refused assistance.

Jaro was sitting again, looking at her. “What do we have left to go on? Just the diary, I think.” Barbora nodded. She suggested that they would go through the diary, not just keep themselves to the pieces about people on the list. Maybe there was a clue to be found somewhere in that little book. So Jaro made coffee and she read, sometimes flicking through the pages.

“I wonder if Radek Kovac would be happy with this…” she said and showed Jaro a page. He took a sip of his coffee and read:
Petr came to my door in the night, said he could not sleep. Would I allow him in my bed? I did, but he did not go to sleep. Went under the covers with the torch he brought along. I asked him to stop, put the thing away and let me sleep. He talked about lessons they got in school about the body with the teacher using all these weird names, like names for Italian cities. Vulva and vagina and such. I had to laugh, told him he already knew more of female bodies than all his friends. He has seen me naked so many times, in the studio and in our bedrooms, so it should be no mystery to him what a body looks like. No need to go under the covers with a torch. If he wants to see me naked, he just has to ask. But he should not tell anybody about this. It is our secret. Maybe one day, when he gets older, I will show him what you can do with the body parts with these names. But again: it is a secret. He sighed and promised to keep everything a secret, just like I did with his secrets. Soon he fell asleep, but it had been difficult for her to doze off. This morning when I woke up, he was gone. He forgot to take his torch along. Silly boy with his secrets.

“Lucky boy!”, Jaro laughed, “I never had a nice girl who showed her body to me when I was young.” Barbora shook her head: “That’s not the most important thing you have read. I think the secrets are. What are these secrets that they share? With a bit of luck more about this is mentioned somewhere. We have to search for these secrets in the diary. She finished her coffee and took the book from Jaro’s hands to read on.
After the second coffee she handed the book again to Jaro, pointed at a part he should read and said: “We have a phone call to make. And after that I want to make love to you.”  He grinned and read.

Barbora explains

The phone call turned out to be two, but after that Barbora put down the phone, she said: “Come Jaro, I need you. I really, really do.” He was not hard to get convinced, followed her immediately to the bedroom. It almost looked like a competition who got undressed first. Jaro won and saw from the bed how she took off her underwear and jumped next to him.

“I want…”, Barbora started. He looked worried: “Oh no, not me tying you up, I hope. I never was a boyscout or a sailor, so I don’t know a thing about knots.” She shook her head, her hands already busy with waking up his dormant dick. He sighed and started to let his hands wandering over her body. This was made more difficult when she bend over to take his growing member in her mouth. He only had her lovely bum under his reach. He felt himself growing and she looked at it approvingly. “I didn’t lose my touch yet”, she laughed and got on her hands and knees, giving him a lovely view.

He didn’t need further invitation and got behind her. “If you want you could use handcuffs or your belt, just like in the night with Eliska”, she moaned while his fingers searched for the way to enter her. He slapped a buttock: “Hush, my love. I know what I want.” She felt his dick slowly getting in, guided it with one hand.  Soon he found a rhythm, asked her to get her bum higher and placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing them down.

Her right arm was still under her body and her fingers found her clit. He noticed her fingers while they touched his plunging rod doing what they really wanted. He could not help but moan, placed his left hand next to her shoulder while the other went under her hair. The next moment she felt that hand around her neck like a vise, pushing her face in the pillow. She could only turn her head sideways to be able to breath. “Yes, pin me down. This is so good.”

He tried very hard to wait for her to come before spurting into her shaking body. He let her go and made himself fall next to her. He opened his arms for her and she nestled against his chest. “So good…”, she repeated. He groaned something that sounded like agreeing with her and just held her.

When they were breathing normally again, Barbora told Jaro about her last session with Ole. That she was trough with Thru. Ole made it clear the whole thing was too forced. She was just herself, had discovered she liked to be tied up a bit, but certainly not a real bondage model. She pleaded Jaro not to let her down, she wanted him to be part of that side of her life too. In the end he promised that he would accompany her most of the times she would do sessions with Eliska. Barbora kissed him: “You made my happiness complete. Let’s finish this case, so we can go back to Prague. I want you in my own bed tonight.”

Case Solved

Radek Kovac was waiting for them in front of the studio and let them in, repeating that he didn’t understand why they wanted to talk to Petr. The boy already had such a hard time after he lost his friend Jitka. It had become clear to him that the two really had been very close friends. That probably had been the reason too why he liked to sleep above the studio. Barbora told him to be patient, everything would be clear pretty soon. They preferred having him stay during the talk, to be there for the boy.

“I will do the talking, Mister Kovac. Please try not to intervene while I do this. I will do my utmost not to hurt your son in any way. I will be as gentle as I can. My Sergeant will just be there to take notes.” Radek Kovac nodded and let them in the bedroom of the boy. Again they noticed all the posters of Spiderman, Batman and Superman. The boy was playing a game on his phone while sitting on his bed.

While Barbora took the one chair that was in the room, Radek brought a chair from Jitka’s room for Jaro and placed himself on the bed near his son. Barbora talked in a soft manner to the boy that even surprised her assistant. She started talking about the posters, about the superheroes and the admiration Petr had for them. She asked him if the actions of these men were possible in real life. He answered that not all was real what you saw in the films. But some things could be done, he even could do things himself.

Barbora suggested that Petr was probably able to climb out of this building and out of the estate without ever having to set his feet to the ground. He nodded and admitted that he hardly ever came through the door. He confessed that he sometimes went away while his father thought he was studying. There was only one person who knew about this: Jitka. And she never told anybody. How could Barbora know?

Barbora started about the day that Jitka died. Now the father intervened: “He was at school! You know that!” Barbora shook her head, she knew better. “The whole afternoon there were no lessons to his group, they were sent home. How did you get home that day, Petr?”

He told the whole story, tears in his eyes and almost crying. He had caught the bus, went to the studio. First to his room and then he went downstairs, had a talk with Jitka while playing with the weapons. There was a sort of little cap on the top. He had disliked them and had asked Jitka whether they could be removed. She had explained they were for safety when people really fenced with them.

He had taken one off and noticed that the point was really sharp. So he had put it back and they had talked on until Jitka had jumped up and had shouted “En Garde!” He had declared himself d’Artagnan and Jitka had been Porthos. Together they shouted “One for all and all for one” and started a funny fencing duel just the way she was. The last days she was always naked when he saw her in the studio.

In the end he won their battle, but things were horribly wrong. The cap had gone off and he had really stabbed her. It was all his fault for fiddling with the cap. He could not stop crying now and his father was holding him in his arms. “But why didn’t you come to me? Tell me what happened?” The boy reacted that he was afraid that his father would be very mad. He should not have been here at all and the father always told him not to touch things in the studio when he was allowed to visit. And it was all his fault and he probably would be in prison for life.

Barbora explained to Petr that it had been an accident. Yes, he was partly to be blamed, but his punishment was already that he had witnessed this awful scene of Jitka dying. The father was partly guilty too: he should have had these weapons stored away. Normally you need a license to have these in your house. Barbora was aware that they were  props from a theatre, but still you have to take utmost care nobody can reach them when they are not meant for them. This is very serious negligence. She told Radek Kovac this would be mentioned in the official report about the case and that he would get an official warning. His guests could leave now.

When they left the boy was still crying. “Let’s get our things and go back home, Jaro!”, Barbora said in the car. “It would be a pleasure Ma’am”, reacted Jaro. She laughed and got her phone to do some calls.


vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Death on the Catwalk (2nd story of Barbora and Jaro)

Going to the Royal Palace
The Royal Palace in Prague was illuminated in a lovely manner, the castle almost looked like one from a fairy tale. In front of the entrance was a long red carpet leading into the building. In the building itself the visitors were guided into the magnificent Vladislav Hall where the first show of the Prague Fashion Week was going to take place. It was a very big event, drawing famous people from all over the world to Prague.

So Ole Taka Halversen was very honoured to receive an invitation for two for the event. At first he had thought it was a practical joke somebody pulled at him, but Eliska convinced him that the invitation was not that absurd taken the fact that Ole was quite a celebrity after the murder case of Kiko had been in the newspapers. He and Eliska had given interviews and even appeared on television. He had given the event a thought but had decided not to attend. He suggested to Eliska that she should go with Barbora Kucera. “I’m more into undressing women than dressing them”, he laughed. Eliska had been delighted and had phoned Barbora as soon as she could. Barbora had a little objection to attending, she told Eliska she didn’t have a suitable dress for the show. Eliska would not have any of this, told her that she would see to it that they both had something nice to wear.

So when they stepped out of the car of Ole onto the red carpet they looked amazing. Barbora was wearing a black dress that left her back totally bare. It was a bit short on the front, but at the back came to her ankles. She was walking on very high heels that shone because of the rhinestones that had been attached to it. Eliska was wearing a red dress with a very short body that was on the left a lot longer than on the right. She was wearing a delicate necklace containing diamonds that just reached the cleavage. Her very high heels were as shiny as Barbora’s, caused by the metallic materials that had been used. They both looked ravishing thanks to a Czech designer who saw their attending the fashion show as an opportunity to give himself some publicity.

They felt a bit like film stars walking on the red carpet. Photographers tried to lure them into a smile or at least look in their direction. In the distance they could hear the business in the dressing rooms. They were placed in the Spanish Hall and the Rothmayer’s  Hall. Walking past them they tried to get a glimpse of what was going on, but they were ushered to their seats. All seats had a paper on them with a number. Barbora and Eliska were thrilled to have seats on the second row.

After a while more people came in and it was almost like a dream for them to realise they were sitting between all these famous people. Near them on the second row the mayor and his wife took a seat. They were joined by a retired tennis player from their country. In front of them football players, singers, models, designers and models took their seats. They could not help whispering the names of these people to each other. Some nodded to them like they thought they knew these lovely women sitting in the row behind them.

When the seats were all taken a violin quartet started to play, the tune was halfway taken over by a band and the lights went flashing. A voice shouted over the music: “Welcome to the first Prague Fashion Show!” The applause drowned in the music of the band. The violin quartet took over again and the lights steadied. Extra lights went on, making the catwalk almost bathing in it.
“It begins!” Eliska whispered.

Marsha Hunter falls
The audience turned their head in unison to see Marsha Hunter walking in in the next creation. It was based on military camouflage wear. A white simple unbuttoned blouse was knotted under her breasts; on top of this she was wearing a long cape in red and gold, the colours spread like on a military uniform. Under the blouse she wore red hotpants and the whole thing was completed by yellow boots with incredible high heels. It was obvious that these were hard to walk on.

The girl behind her had the same sort of blouse, but she was wearing a blue and gold cape in the same pattern as what Marsha Hunt was wearing. Under her blouse she wore a yellow mini skirt and blue boots with the same scary heels.

Barbora and Eliska tried to see what was next to be seen, but something about Marsha Hunt  made them pay more attention to her again. When she reached the middle of the audience she suddenly stumbled and fell forward on her knees. Everybody seemed to keep their breath, expected her to get up and walk on like nothing happened. It must have been caused by the ridiculous high heels. But she didn’t get up, instead she was in a sort of stupor. The girls behind her stopped and watched in horror.

Barbora jumped up and wrestled herself through the audience to the girl. “A doctor, a doctor! Is there a doctor in the audience?” A man in a perfect suit got to her and told Barbora that he was a heart surgeon but would have a look.  He ordered the people who got nearer to go away and give the girl breathing space. They did what was asked. While the doctor was feeling her wrist and her forehead Barbora noticed that the girl died. There was no help possible anymore.

Barbora now saw the announcer next to them and asked her to tell the audience that the show could not go on. She asked Eliska to go to the dressing room and prevent that anything was taken away. Eliska ran off immediately. The police woman than phoned the police station and after that her assistant Jaro. The security people of the show saw to it that the audience left the room. She asked one of the men to see to it that the girls in the first dressing room would stay in the building. The others were allowed to leave.

The investigation starts
When Jaro Holoubek and the uniformed police walked near the Vladislav Hall most of the audience was gone. A few were waiting and he looked at the them almost unable to hide his amazement. People like them you sometimes could see in magazines in waiting rooms or at the hairdressers. Behind him the police pathologist tapped him on the shoulder. He had no idea where he should be going so Jaro asked him to follow him. In the Hall there was only police and security men standing around the victim.

Barbora was standing over the body, having a close look. Jaro saw that her back was completely bare and he could see the upper part of her buttocks. He took off his coat and placed it around her shoulders.  She nodded to thank him. The pathologist could not see a lot on the body and asked his assistants to bring it to the morgue for further investigation. He left with them. While he was walking away, Barbora asked him to be sure that all the clothing of the model would be bagged.

“What a weird place for a killing if this really is a killing. Wasn’t it a heart attack or such?”, he asked. Barbora made a face, told him she thought there was something here that wasn’t right. The autopsy would made that clear, she expected. She told one of the uniformed policemen to go to the Spanish Hall and take over from Eliska. Nothing should be removed from  the dressing table or near it without her knowledge.

Eliska came to them and Barbora thanked her and told her to phone Ole to let her be picked up, or she could be driven home by a police car. So Eliska phoned Ole and took one of the seats in the front row that now were deserted. Jaro sat next to her and thanked her again for her help. He tried to cheer her up by making compliments about her lovely dress. In a normal situation it would have been very sexy, now it seemed a bit out of place, but of course he didn’t say so. Instead he asked her how on earth these women kept things at the right place. Just two pieces of fabric sometimes covering the breasts. She laughed and asked if he never heard of double-sided tape.

Soon Ole showed up and he took Eliska along. He searched for Barbora and found her in the Spanish Hall with some policemen and nine models in a state of shock. He hoped they would be able to go through an interview with Barbora and him.

The first questioning
Barbora had asked to send away the girls from the Rothmayer’s Hall. She realised that they were too far away from the victim while being dressed for the show and were not close at all during the show too. So it was impossible that they would have noticed anything let alone be a suspect in this case.

Barbora started with questioning the assistants and visagists in the Spanish Hall and the hair dressers who had been walking to and from the two dressing rooms. By doing this she hoped that the models, who were all very young and very shaken would calm down a bit so it would be possible to get a coherent story from them.

They had decided to do the talks together in the Vladislav Hall. While one would make notes the other could watch their faces and body language. Sometimes a voice sounds very normal, but when a face gets twisted, you know there could be more going on.
Most of these people were a bit older, some were retired models, so they could explain a bit more about how things were done for and in this show. Very soon Barbora and Jaro knew the killer would not be amongst these people. There was nothing to be gained for them by murdering the most important model.

But they did all the interviews to get the file complete and afterwards decided to send these assistants home, telling them they should remain in Prague while the investigation was going on. For most of them this was no problem at all. They all lived in Prague or very near.

Now there was no further delay possible: they had to start interviewing the models. They decided to them in the way they had been seated in the dressing room. So Marsha Hunter was number 1; Trisha Bellingwood, who was sitting next to her, number 2; Ariel Matouche, her neighbour, number 3 and so on.

It was very difficult to have a talk with Trisha, she kept crying and sobbing. It was very difficult to understand anything she was saying. But they could figure out that Trisha didn’t see anything suspicious and that she had never been on her own in the Spanish Hall. They decided to let the girl have some rest, tomorrow they would have another talk with her at the police station. They told her to be there at 10 AM. She thanked in tears to be able to go and went out to the Spanish Hall to get her own belongings and get to the hotel.

Ariel Matouche was in a complete state: crying, sobbing and almost fainting. Barbora and Jaro tried to get her a bit calmer, but didn’t succeed. They looked at each other. A nod was all they needed to know that they agreed. They send all the girls back to the hotel, telling them to get to the police station the next day for interviews and for fingerprints. They scheduled for the talks a half hour and made the appointments in a manner that they would have 10 minutes for evaluating the talks.
Then they saw to it, that everything from Marsha Hunter’s dressing point would be packed, bagged, sealed and send to the station.

Answers that didn’t help
When Barbora came into the incident room from which they would proceed the investigation she found Jaro already busy with making a schedule on the board. In it was the way the dressing room had been organised and the names of all the people who had been in it before and during the death of the model. On the board he had also mentioned what she had been wearing when she died.

It was only 8 AM and he had done an incredible lot of work.  According to him he wasn’t able to sleep and had been thinking in the night about the case and working on it from around 7. Barbora read it all, nodding her head approvingly. Then she asked him to sit down with her: they had to think about a list of the questions they would ask the other models. That way they could compare the answers better and see if they could find anything that could help.

While busy with the questions there came a phone call from the pathologist. He had been doing a post mortem at the end of the day Marsha Hunter was killed and he could tell that she was poisoned. How was a bit of a riddle to him: there was nothing in her stomach or intestines that showed this happened, but it was in her blood. This pointed towards an injection with the lethal fluid, but there were no marks of this anywhere on the body.

He could tell further that the poison was not chemical, it was something natural. The lab had told him that this morning; they were very busy searching what the poison was and they would contact Barbora as soon as they knew more. Barbora thanked him, put down the phone and wrote the new facts on the board. Jaro was as puzzled as she was. It was a bit disappointing: the case looked more difficult than ever.

It was already near 10 AM and they were preparing for their first interview, the reception officer had told them that Trisha Bellingwood was waiting for them in the interview room. Another phone call: this time it was a scientist from the lab. They had found the poison in the international database. It had been coming from a Sidney Funnel web spider, a very rare but dangerous type of spider living in the South of Australia. It’s poison kills within 15 minutes after you get it into you. After Barbora put down the phone they looked at each other. Now they had some information, but did this really help?   

Interview of the models
Trisha Bellingwood was a lot more relaxed when they had their talk with her. You could see in her face that she had been crying a lot in the last hours, but she remained calm and told Barbora and Jaro about the day of the show. How they got a pep talk by the organising committee, standing together in the Vladislav Hall with the staff. It was done in two sessions: the staff had to undergo it twice, the models had been lucky. She managed to laugh a bit about it.

Marsha Hunter was a well-respected and hard working girl.  She could be seen on the front page of almost every magazine about fashion in the world and walked in all the big fashion shows. She had not been very talkative to Trisha, but that was not a problem at all. Trisha was not a big fan of small talk either. They had hardly exchanged anything else but some complaining about the horrible boots they had to wear. The designer must have a big hatred for women they agreed.
She had not seen anything suspicious and nobody had been on her or his own in the dressing room.

This was acknowledged by the other girls Barbora and Jaro interviewed. The police officers were very glad that the girls were not hysterical anymore. Even Ariel Matouche acted a bit normal, but the box of tissues proved to be very useful anyway.
After having heard almost the same thing from six girls, Jaro was very happy to hear a little surprise from the reception. He was able to tell Barbora that the four remaining were waiting together. Barbora thought for a moment. She was getting a bit bored how things went and was sure the real story about Marsha was a bit different. She told Jaro that she wanted to talk to the four in a different manner. She would talk to them on a terrace with Eliska in a more unofficial manner. Maybe she could get more information like that. Jaro could try and find out where the girls had been travelling the last months. The poison had been bought in Australia she expected.

So Eliska was phoned and asked to go to a café in the center of the city, Barbora would take Dawn, Arta, Melissa and Natalia over there.
It was a nice little walk and Barbora pointed some touristic sights to the models. A few took photographs of the buildings and some of the group. At the café coffee was ordered by Barbora. They managed to have four different types of coffee. They didn’t even have the time to take a sip before Eliska joined them. They all remembered her, so there was no need to introduce her.

Barbora started the conversation with how they ended up modelling. All the stories were a bit the same. They all agreed they would not do this very long. The travelling and the hungering are not very nice, it’s all a bit exhausting. Two wanted a quiet life after the modelling, one had hopes of starting a film career and last one wanted to pick up her studies after a few years. They all said that they loved the way Eliska and Barbora were, but agencies would demand of them to lose at least 20 kilos before offering jobs.

Barbora managed to get the conversation on the subject of Marsha. Dawn immediately pulled a face, the others looked at each other. The murdered girl was getting every job she wanted, didn’t care about anybody else. In all the fashion shows she walked, she would be the leading girl and she would dressed in the bridal wear.  Every magazine you picked up she would be on the front page. The others had to fight about “left overs”.

Before she had popped up, it all had been different. Almost every show had had another model leading, ten or even more could be admired on and in magazines. They all had admired Marsha, but they hated her for taking everything leaving them with nothing.

When the conversation changed into small talk Barbora excused herself, took her mobile and walked a bit away from the group. She phoned Jaro who could tell her that Trisha Bellingwood had been travelling to and from Australia a few times. She was an Australian citizen, so this was not surprising. Further could he tell that the girls 1, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 had walked in the fashion show of Sidney this year.

Barbora then asked Jaro to come to her house around 10 PM, so they could talk about the case in a more relaxed way. She walked back to the group, said goodbye to Eliska and the models, making excuses that she was needed at the station. Maybe Eliska could show some more of Prague to the girls or have a drink with them. After these words she walked away, back to the station to get her car.

Jaro had his doubts
Barbora had asked him to come over to her apartment that night to talk about the case. He wanted to sleep it over, but she insisted to think together while being in a relaxed mood. He didn’t feel this was right, his feelings for her were quite strong. But he knew he should not show his emotions; he could get in trouble while Barbora was his superior officer. She was a lot younger, showed in everything that she trusted him, saw him as a sort of uncle in personal life. He didn’t want to ruin this. Yet he had no choice and had accepted the offer.

She asked him to park in a neighbourhood not too close to her house. She told him she was afraid for the gossiping people in the street of whom one was a police man. So he went home, took a shower and left his place in time to get to her in time. He had asked Barbora if he should take something along but she told him she was going to be his host and would see to it that he would get what he wanted. She laughed a bit saying this and he knew there would be no lemonade served that night.

Visiting Barbora
She knew he was still there. Once in a while she could see the little red spot in the garden get a bit brighter when he took a puff of his cigarette. She had laughed a little when she heard him trying to get into the garden without any sound. That was a hopeless thing: the door in the fence made an awful squeaking sound and could not be silenced by anything. With the double glass doors to the garden wide open it was very loud. Yet she had pretended not to hear a thing.

She turned the volume of the music a bit up and slowly danced on the soft sweet music of Chet Baker. She was fully aware that her summer dress clung to her body. It was a hot and sultry evening and this music fitted so well with it. She took a sip of her cool white wine and put her arms in the air and turned slowly around. She would give him a little show, he had a very nice view like this.

She danced and drinked and kept half an eye on the tiny red light in the garden. Once it died away completely, got replaced by a little yellow one that created a new red dot. He had lighted a new one.
For a moment she thought about putting on her nightgown. The sheer fabric would sure enable her to show everything she got. She rejected the thought, maybe it would be too much. Instead she decided to have a refill. Her glass was empty.

When she came back from the kitchen she walked with slowly towards the double doors and peeked out while Chet Baker started a new tune. Her heart sank a bit…there was no little light. Anywhere.
Just when she decided to walk into the garden he grabbed her arm and took the glass out of her hands. The gesture almost make her jump, but his voice sounded reassuring: “Shall we share this one?”

The Night
They had thought the case over and over. It was very clear that the supermodel had been killed, probably with a poison, but how did it get to her? They had made a list of possibilities: in food, in drinks. Everything the girl had touched that day had been examined, yet nothing had be found. They had asked where she had been during the day and came to the conclusion that nowhere the poison could have been administered. They would have to wait for the results of the pathology experts.

Barbora and Jaro ended the evening with talking about jazz music and literature. He was surprised she knew so much about the music he so much loved. They ended with promising each other to visit a jazz concert together in the future. He emptied his glass and she did the same; there wasn’t a drop in the bottle anymore.

“Time for me to go home, I think”, Jaro said. Barbora shook her head: he had been drinking, it would be really wrong to go on the road like this. She told him he could sleep in the spare bedroom and after some discussion he agreed. It was a camping bed she had to unfold in the room that looked more like a study than a bedroom. It didn’t look too uncomfortable to Jaro and he did feel tired.

She told him to get to bed while she turned off the lights, locked the backdoor and put the glasses in the sink. He soon got in the bed while he heard her getting ready too. She came to the door in her nightgown and told him that if anything was wrong or when he needed her she would be next door. In the light behind her he could see through the flimsy fabric. He felt it was wrong to look, but couldn’t help it. He managed to say “Thank you” and she went to her bed.
Even while being so tired he didn’t manage to fall asleep. He still could see her in his mind. It made him feel ill at ease. She trusted him, was his superior, far too young and saw him as a sort of older brother he sensed. Yet she sometimes made these remarks that made him think otherwise. It made him unrestful and he saw the time slowly going on his watch. When he started to see the daylight through the curtains he got up, dressed and silently walked past Barbora’s room. In the living room he found a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a little thank you note. He would see her at the police station.

He went out of the house the way he had come in.

The next morning Barbora found Jaro standing in front of the schedule they had made on a board about the case. He shook his head in disbelief, told her that the longer he looked at this the more he saw how little progress they had made. They had a murdered person, but didn’t know how the murder was committed, where and by who.  The only thing they knew was that a poison was used and the type of poison.

Barbora did have an idea to work on: she told Jaro that she almost knew for certain that the murderer had worked in the dressing room and must have done so when nobody else was around. The only time this had been possible was during the peptalk that was held in the Vladislav Hall. What if somebody had sneaked out and did something in the dressing room? The just had to check who had been absent for a little while.

They did have talks with models about the pep talk and they didn’t notice anybody missing. At least they said so. Barbora suggested they would have a talk with everybody in the staff. So they made a list of the people and divided it in two. They could try to phone them to speed things up and visit who wasn’t able to get on the phone.

At the end of the day they had phoned all but three, visited two of these and now were left waiting for the last one to ring back. When this person finally reached them and also said not having noticed anybody missing for a second the day was almost done and they still didn’t know anything more.

Barbora told Jaro she needed a very concentrated time of thinking and picked up the telephone. She pushed a few numbers while Jaro looked at her questioningly. After a while she started talking: "“Hello Master, this is Thru, can I please make an appointment for tonight?” She listened, nodded and said a few times “yes” in a soft manner that was not her usual way of speaking. “Nine is perfect Master, I will be there. Thank you so very much.” She put the phone down.

To Jaro she said that she wanted him to bring her to Ole’s place and pick her up around half past ten. For sure the session would be done by then. He nodded, he would be her chauffeur.

When he picked her up around half past eight, he could not help to admire the way she looked. Her dress gave her a sort of innocent appearance, almost like a schoolgirl. He gave her a compliment, but she didn’t react, she hardly seemed to notice that he was talking to her. So he gave up on having a conversation and just drove her in silence to Ole’s place.
Barbora thanked him when she got out and went to the front door of the house. Jaro waited till somebody let her in – he could not see from the car who this was – and drove off.

A surprising session
It had been Eliska who let Barbora in. The police officer asked if she should go the studio right away, but the other shook her head and asked her to follow her to the living room. Ole was in the room having a cup of tea; on the table was another cup that was half full, probably Eliska’s. “Would you like a cup, Thru?”, Ole asked friendly. 

She shook her head, didn’t like the idea of maybe needing to go to the toilet during the session. The big man urged her to sit down on the sofa and Eliska sat down next to her.
Ole looked at her in a very serious manner which disturbed her a bit. Maybe the session could not happen tonight? He noticed the way she looked and smiled assuring. “No fear Thru, but we do have a serious request to make to you.” Eliska also looked at her a bit different than she normally would have done. What was going on? “Sure you don’t want tea?”, Ole took a sip. She refused politely again.

“Okay Thru, this is what we want to request from you. We know that you trust me fully.” She nodded silently. “This time I ask you to trust somebody else. I can tell you that I have complete confidence that you will be in capable hands. Could you please give permission for this? Think about it for a moment.” He looked very serious and so did Eliska. Barbora didn’t really like the idea of a stranger binding her and touching her at intimate parts of her body. She blushed at the thought and started trembling a bit. This could be frightful for her.

“But who…”, she started to ask. “It will be me, my dear Thru”, said Eliska. “Do you think you can trust me completely in binding you?” She got on her knees in front of Barbora and looked at her pleadingly. “Ole will supervise everything and will take immediate action, if needed. The police woman felt a weight falling from her shoulders. She knew that Eliska could unbind quite quick and expertly and that she had been using ropes in easier part of a bondage session.

“Will I be Eliska’s first?” she asked. They nodded. Ole added: “You’ll be the official first person in bondage done by Eliska.” Barbora took Eliska’s hands in her hands: “I trust myself fully in your good hands my friend.” Eliska shook her head: “No, don’t see me as a friend in a session. I will be the female Master and I’m sure I will have to hurt you at certain times. You’ll have to agree with that, otherwise I can’t do it. You will be Thru to me, not Barbora and I will do whatever I want in the session. Do you agree with that?” She took her hands away.

Barbora nodded and said in a soft voice: “I agree with everything that you will do to me.” Eliska got up and took Barbora’s hands: “Come Thru, we go to the studio.” Ole also rose from his chair and they climbed the stairs to the studio.
Barbora’s decision made every wish of Eliska come true. Often she had fantasized about how she would bind her friend. And now it was going to happen. They all three were very aware of how important this session is for Eliska. Ole felt good about the fact that this time he is only a guide and mostly an observer, yet Ole wanted to be as sharp as ever on this occasion. He still felt he was being responsible for everything that was going to happen.

Thru was wearing a simple blue dress and white cotton underwear; simple but very elegant: the panties were Brazilian style, not exactly like Victoria Secret lingerie. Eliska had prepared everything like she had seen been done by her Master Ole so many times and of course sometimes she would have been assisting in this. Before this session she had already demonstrated  her talent for bondage.

Thru was standing in the studio for some time while Ole and Eliska just looked at her. Eliska said: “Thru, remove your bra, but keep your dress on.”  She reached through the armholes of the dress to her back, fumbled a bit. She went with her right hand through the armhole of the dress on the left, moved around within the dress. After this she removed the hand and put the other hand in the right armhole and pulled the bra through it. She handed it out to Eliska, who took it and gave it to Ole. He put it on one of the chairs without taking his eyes of the pretty police woman. There was a new silence. Eliska and Ole looked at her again in an observing manner. She could not do anything else but look to the floor. She felt embarrassed, they almost looked at her like she was an object.

Then Eliska walked up to her looking at her in a scrutinizing way, Thru swallowed when she was near. Her new Master touched her lips with her fingers,  moving them from corner to corner. First the upper lip, then the lower.  Then she touched her neck, followed by her breasts and let her hands wandering over her belly to her crotch. Ole just watched in silence, just watched, the room almost looked a bit hazy to his eyes, far away some music was being played by somebody. It seemed to be electronic music, but was too vague to be really heard well enough to trace.

Eliska put Thru in a sitting position on the carpet and tied her hands  behind her back and opened the dress on the front side. She used  a metal object to tighten the knot as much as possible, after that she bound a leg and bend the other behind her. She then wound some rope around her and around her upper legs, in a way that kept the crotch free. She pulled everything a bit tighter and then connected the ropes to the hooks that were on the floor near the body of Thru.

She walked to a few ropes attached to the ceiling and pulled, with the tightening of these Thru was up in the air with her breasts fully exposed and her legs wide open, her head pointed down to her crotch. Ole watched on, the figure that Eliska created was beautiful . Eliska took the free leg and fondled it with her hands, Thru was more aware of everything as never before.  Her female Master pulled the rope attached to the leg sideways and attached it to another rope hanging from the ceiling.

To create an even more amazing shape of the body, Eliska took a pair of scissors, cut through the panties and by this exposed Thru’s sex completely; Ole just watched, he wondered if Eliska would like to penetrate Thru’s body and giving the fact that Thru agreed with everything , Ole nodded.

Ole gave a signal to Eliska not visible to Thru and he walked up to her body, reshaping the way the dress was hanging around her body, so it could be seen unhindered. Now the dress hung next to both sides of the body, giving full view of the beauty of it. Ole walked to the closet, got a red gagging ball and put it in Thru’s mouth, binding the straps of it behind her head.

Eliska sure made it very clear to Ole that Thru was beautiful and he really had to restrain himself not to make use of her in this way. He could see in her face that she was now suffering a bit, a lovely site for him seeing her in sweet agony.  A site that made you really want to mount her.

A solution for Barbora
Jaro came to the house in the Johannes Hus Street almost exactly at 10:30. When Eliska opened the door for him he joked a bit about it. He sort of saluted and said: “Barbora’s chauffeur is ready to sign in for duty!” She gave him a sort of wry smile, still in a very serious mood. He noticed it and not added new joking remarks to this. “Please come to the studio with me, Jaro”, she answered and went in front of him on the stairs. He followed a bit worried, wondered if anything was wrong.

The moment he came in, he saw the bondage session had been different from what he had seen before. He felt really awkward seeing Barbora hanging in this weird position. Her sex was completely displayed and she seemed to have problems with the ball gag she had in her mouth. Jaro had never seen anything like this before and was unable to say anything and felt the blood rushing to his head. He could see that had been in this situation for some time. There was drool over one of her cheeks and under her head was a dark spot on the carpet, where it was probably quite wet.

Ole observed for some time the effect it all had on Jaro and then walked up to Barbora. “I’ll take this off, Thru, so you will be able to speak to Jaro.” He took the straps from behind her head and removed the gagging ball. Jaro saw a line of saliva that stayed attached to her mouth for some time, then it broke and the little line ended on her face. She swallowed and moved her jaws up and down to get her mouth a bit relaxed again.
Eliska came to Ole and spoke to him: “Master, I think they have police matters to discuss and you were intending to phone your father, remember?” Ole looked at her with a gentle smile: “Then we better go, Eliska.”  He added that if anything was the matter Jaro just had to shout down the stairs. He or Eliska would rush in for the rescue. They went out together, Ole seemed to have some problems with walking, Jaro could not help but noticing.

There was no word spoken until nothing was being heard from outside of the studio anymore. Barbora was the first to break the silence. “I have offered myself to you more than once the last days. You didn’t seem to notice or you didn’t want to react. I really don’t know. This is my last try to let you see that I want you and that I need you very much.” Jaro swallowed hard and sat down on his knees in front of her face. “I wasn’t really sure, I didn’t want to be rude and I had rank and age to consider. I have been your secret admirer for so long, I was sure that there was no chance for me to be your lover. I was wrong, but I was not intending to hurt you.”

"Are these ropes hurting you? Should I try to untie you a bit?” She shook her head while he followed the ropes on her skin with one hand. Jaro’s hand travelled towards her belly and further downwards to her sex. He could not help but touch her there. “Is this okay with you?”, he asked softly.  She nodded and pleaded him to go on. “I love it when you touch me Jaro. Please don’t take that hand away”. While his hand fondled her he kissed her, he felt his face becoming wet with the saliva she had on her cheek. It didn’t take very long before she moaned and shook her body in the restraints.

He looked at her questioningly: “Do you want me to to untie you now?” She shook her head: “Take me like I’m now, I can’t wait anymore.” He bend over to where his hand had been and licked the lovely spot. “Please Jaro, please, make love to me!”, she pleaded. He couldn’t withhold anymore, opened his trouser and came in between her wide open legs. “Oh, you are so wet my Love. I feel so welcome.” There was no answer and he was not able to talk anymore either, he grabbed her hips and there was no stopping him. He was almost disappointed when he already came after a few thrusts. He was amazed that she seemed to come too. He almost collapsed on her body, but got up quite quick. He knew she would be in more pain if these ropes would cut even more in her lovely body.

Together in the Red Room
Jaro looked at the lovely police officer and could not but feel guilty about the welts he could see under the ropes. He bend down and tried to undo a knot. Barbora asked him to stop and give a shout downstairs for Eliska; it probably was tricky because she was hanging, she didn’t want to fall and get into more pain. Jaro did what she asked and it didn’t take too long before the tall Czech girl came into the studio wearing a dressing gown.

She started with some knots and asked Jaro to do some that were on the legs. It didn’t take very long before they could lay Barbora on the floor and do the remaining ones. Eliska asked Barbora to sit on one of the chairs and kneeled in front of her. “I would like to thank you for your permission to bind you and for enduring the pain I inflicted upon you”, she said. Barbora trembled quite a lot and didn’t know how her voice would sound. So instead of saying something, she just bend over and gave a kiss on Eliska’s lips. “It’s okay, I really have to thank you”, she whispered.

Eliska got on her feet and told them it would not be wise for Barbora to leave the house in the state she was still in. She suggested that she and Jaro should spend the night together in the spare bedroom. “The Red Room”,  Barbora whispered and she shivered.  Eliska assured her that she and Ole didn’t notice anything spooky in that room since the days of the investigation around the Japanese model Kiko’s death.  She was sure they could have a good undisturbed night in the room.

They all got up and were heading for the door, when Jaro asked “Is that yours?” He pointed at the bra on the chair. Barbora nodded and he took it along. “I will give you panties in the morning”, Eliska said to her while she held her dress together. 

The Red Room hadn’t changed at all, Barbora noticed when they walked in. They undressed in silence and got in the bed. “Just hold me”, Barbora said and he held her as close to his body as he could, folding one arm under her. She was still trembling and it took some time for it to stop. With his free hand he fondled her back till she was calm.
“While hanging there and waiting for you, I had some thinking about the case. The poison had to get into the body of Marsha in some way. She didn’t swallow it, it’s not possible to inhale it. So it has to be given to her by an injection or a stab or something like that. I think the pathologist didn’t see the spot because it was tiny and a bit hidden.

This could be under her hair or under her feet. I remember once stepping on a nail and the wound was hardly visible because it was on the end of the big toe, in the fold where it is attached to the foot. We should ask the good doctor to have a look at that again tomorrow.”

Jaro could see her point, it was the only possibility. He insisted that she should try to rest a bit now. He would have loved to be able to make love to her again,  he added, but even he felt emotionally quite exhausted.
While holding her his mind started to work too: “What if a spider has been hidden in her clothes? A bite would give only a small wound. If that is the case there is only one possibility to hide the insect. In one of the boots it had to be and it would result in a bite in or under a toe.” She agreed with him and giggled a bit. “I thought you were exhausted…”

Just now he noticed one of his hands was holding a lovely breast, playing with her nipple without even realising. “Oh, sorry!”, he mumbled, ready to withdraw his hand. “Don’t be! Keep the hand there”, she answered while her hand travelled down over his chest. She soon found her goal and started her own little game.
“I don’t think I can”, he whispered.
“I’m quite certain you can” she laughed. “But we do it with me in control.”
She climbed on top of him in a very gentle manner, he thought she maybe still felt a bit sore because of the ropes.
“Now stretch your arms along your face. I don’t have ropes, but you must imagine I tied your arms to the top of the bed.”

He did what she wanted and saw her slowly starting to move off and on top of him. Soon she came in a sort of trance and her hair got in front of her face in a manner that he was only able to see her sweet mouth. Her lips were parted a bit.
Oh, how he would love to kiss these!
Suddenly the door opened, Barbora didn’t even notice.  It was Eliska, he saw when he lifted his head a bit of the pillow. She gave him a big smile, showed him a pair of panties, layed them down and went away again.

Barbora was moving faster now, breathing heavily. His eyes were now almost glued to her beautiful breasts. What a shame he could not touch them. He could not help it but try. But it was truly amazing that he could not move his arms, they really felt like bound!
This time it was she who collapsed on him. But he was sure his collapsing on her was a lot more painful. Suddenly he could move his arms again and he held her again in his arms.

“So funny”, he said, “I really could not move my arms. I wanted to cup your breasts.”
“Hm, I could swear you were holding them most of the time”, she answered.
“But please, carry on”, he pleaded.
“I’m very happy to”, she answered and came sitting up again.
She felt him move under her and was very happy to respond, but this time he was holding her breasts. She bend over to kiss him and he was eager to receive that kiss. While her mouth was glued to his Jaro’s moans were muffled. She giggled when she felt him shouting without hearing him.
Once again she laid her body on his and he held her. In this position they fell asleep, totally exhausted.

When Jaro woke up he needed some time before he realised where he was. It was quite dark in the room, thanks to the thick Bordeaux red curtains, but he could see it was daytime. Barbora wasn’t there anymore, but he could still smell her perfume. His watch told him it was almost 8:30.

He blinked his eyes when he opened the curtains: it was quite a bright day. The sun shone directly in the room. He went for the bathroom, found a tube of toothpaste and brushed his teeth with the brush that was there. He couldn’t care less who’s it was. He found a towel and decided to jump in the shower. The water felt lovely on his skin. How he wished Barbora was there, so they could  have showered together. Just the thought aroused him.

He forced his thoughts to go on the case. He had to hurry; Barbora probably was waiting for him; she needed his car to go anywhere. Jaro regretted not having any clean change: he was afraid he would be a bit smelly. He found deodorant spray and used it on himself and some on his briefs.

When he went downstairs he could hear voices. He found everybody in the kitchen. Barbora and Ole were drinking coffee. Eliska jumped up immediately; “I’ll make breakfast for you, Jaro. I’m sure you could use a good bite.” Pretty quick she served him toast with scrambled eggs while his lovely colleague poored him a cup of coffee.
He was enjoying his breakfast, he was really hungry, Eliska was right about that! 

Barbora told him she already phoned with the pathologist and made an appointment at 11. The man was not very happy when she explained that he probably had missed something on the examination of the body of Marsha Hunter, even became a bit grumpy.
“Better him grumpy than us!”, Jaro laughed. He found his package of cigarettes and walked to the window with it. “Do you mind?” Ole and Eliska shook their heads and he opened the window and tried to keep the smoke out of the kitchen by blowing it away a bit.

When they got to the pathologist, the man wasn’t grumpy anymore. He had examined the body already and found what they expected. He explained that it was easier to find the spot now the body was not that fresh anymore. It had been there for some time. Jaro made a face by sort of imitating sensing a bad smell. It even made the pathologist laugh.
He showed the spot to them: next to the ball of the big toe of the left foot was a spot where the skin was a bit discoloured. It was obvious this was an insect bite. He had made a photo of it and handed it to them: “To complete my report.” They thanked him, left the building and drove to headquarters.

Here they asked for the boots and the list of fingerprints found on them. Very efficiently what they asked for was delivered. The first had a good look at the list of fingerprints. On both the boots were the prints of the victim, the assistants and the designer. On the boot for the right foot were also the prints of Trisha Bellingwood.

Back to square one
Trisha Bellingwood entered the police station already one hour after Barbora had phoned her. She was led to one of the interrogation rooms and placed opposite Jaro and Barbora.  She didn’t seem very worried, started the conversation by saying that she would be very happy to help if she was able to.

Jaro sort of woke her up, telling her this was not a social visit of any kind. He put the boot on the table between them. It was packed in plastic. Trisha looked at it and sighed: “These horrible boots! I will never wear anything like that again! Even if they offer me thousands of Euros!”

Barbora pointed at the boot: “This is one of Marsha Hunter’s boots. We have a question about it: why are your fingerprints on it?”                                                                        

The model sighed and nodded: “That’s possible. I thought that she had mine because I could hardly get mine on. When I compared them, I saw they were the same size. So I’ve put it back. She never noticed it.”

Barbora told Trisha that someone had taken the other boot, the left one, also in their hands. The Australian girl answered immediately that this had not been her. Jaro explained what had been done to the boot. An Australian spider had been placed in it. An Atrax Robustus, also known as funnel web spider. 

Trisha shivered. She told the detectives that she knew about the existence of this spider. They were very rare and lived on the other side of Australia. She had never in her life been there. There was no reason to and there would never be a reason to. For her this was the wilderness, a place full of horrible creatures. It was well known in the fashion industry that dressing rooms and cat walks should be without spiders or other insects. If not, she would refuse to do her job. Because of the fact that most girls are afraid of spiders, this had never been a problem in her career. But if the Czech detectives wanted to be sure they were very welcome to phone the agency.

Within an hour Jaro and Barbora were done with the interrogation and had checked Trisha’s story. Because the spider had been in the other boot, the one without her fingerprints, they had nothing on her. Barbora could not think of anything else but to go through all the witness statements again. They started doing that, but without any real hope of success. They were back at square one!

To make it even worse Barbora was phoned to come to the commissioner. He told her there had been complaints by the model agencies. They needed the girls for other jobs, were losing lots of money and seeing that Jaro and Barbora not making any progress he had decided that the girls would be free to go. The killer, if there had been one, would walk away freely, he admitted. But he could think too of the possibility that this all had been an accident. Barbora protested: she knew that Marsha had been murdered by somebody. This spider did not get by accident in that boot!
When she walked towards her desk again, there was a deep frown in her forehead. She took her seat at her desk, leaned backwards with a deep sigh and closed her eyes. Jaro had come behind her, undid two buttons and stretched his arm inside her blouse.  
“Not now, Jaro!” the pretty detective whispered. She pulled his arm up, placed a kiss on his hand and told him about the conversation with the commissioner. Jaro was about to protest, but she stopped his words. “We got time till 6 PM tomorrow to solve this case, otherwise the murderer will walk away. So we better get busy. If we solve this case I promise you a night you will never forget.” She buttons up and opens a file.
Jaro told her he has an idea: the person who has handled this spider, knows all about them. So this person works with spiders and other animals or made his or her hobby out of it. “How about searching in magazines and on the net for models or people in the fashion world who do this?”

Barbora didn’t know anything better and so they started their search. It was a bit like spending a lot of time in a waiting room, they laughed. When they became hungry, they phoned for pizzas. While eating they continued their search.

An idea
Their task seemed endless. They searched on the model’s names, on the assistant’s names and on the agencies names, but nothing about spiders popped up. They went further and further back in time.
“These models were not even born in these days”,  Jaro complained.
“You are right”, we have to search somewhere else, or in a different way.
For some time they sat silent together until Jaro jumped up. “What if this person has changed her or his name?”
“That might be the answer!” Barbora almost gave a sigh of relief.

They changed their searching on the internet, started searching for beautiful girls with weird hobbies and beautiful girls with ugly animals. Barbora was the one who found something. In a French magazine for gentlemen was an article about 3 pretty mademoiselles with weird hobbies. One was about a girl working as a fireman: so she was photographed half naked in a fireman’s outfit. Then there was a girl who liked paragliding, so she was half hidden behind the big kite showing her breasts. The last one was about a pretty girl with a snake around her neck on one picture and with a big spider on a nipple on the other. There was even a little picture of her face with a spider on her nose looking at it in a boss eyes manner. The girl’s name in the magazine was Marie-Louise Beaujean, but Jaro and Barbora knew her better as Ariel Matouche.
“We got her!”, Jaro shouted.

Barbora was already printing the article. While the printer started she picked up the telephone and rang the hotel where the models were staying. She asked for Ariel, waited and then shortly told the other person to come to the police station at 9 AM the next day.

Ariel Matouche was very much in time. The reception desk told her she was there while it was not even 10 minutes before the appointment. Barbora decided to keep her waiting until it was exactly 9 AM. Then she was sent to one of the interrogation rooms.
Jaro and Barbora entered the room after she was already being seated by the uniformed police woman who showed her in. They made a grand appearance by laying out a stack of files in front of them and opened notebooks . Barbora led the talk, it started quite friendly. First she asked about her liking the city of Prague, then she asked if she had ever visited Australia.

Ariel had been in Sidney, had done some shows over there and never had been in the rest of the continent. Barbora asked her if a DNA sample could be taken from her, this would be done with the other models too. It was just to complete the file. Maybe they would find something after the models had left the country. Ariel had no problems with that. Jaro took the swab and put the sample in a sealed plastic bag which he brought away immediately.

When he came back things changed. He shouted: “Cut the crap, Marie-Louise! We know everything!”
She looked very scared, her eyes filled with tears and her face became very pale. “What do you mean?”, she tried.
“We know very well it was you who killed Marsha!” Jaro spread the article about her strange hobby on the table between them.

The pretty French girl started to cry. Barbora calmed her down a bit and she started to talk. Soon she admitted everything.
It had not been her intention to kill Marsha; she just wanted to scare her, hoped she would sprain her ankle in these horrible boots when the spider would bite. But Marsha had shown how tough models could be. She must had a feeling of being bitten, probably had confused it with the pain caused by the boots. Ariel explained that normally a bite of these spiders would not kill. She once got bitten herself on one of her hands and only had a bit of a swelling for a few days. Marsha maybe was allergic, she didn’t know. This sure wasn’t her fault, she cried out.

“This is enough!”, Barbora said and she closed her notebook with a bang. Jaro followed her example. “Lock her in!”, he said to the uniformed police woman. When the detectives were together there was a little hug.
“Will you write out the report, dear Jaro?”
“I will be delighted!” he answered.

Fulfilment of a promise
Jaro came home feeling a bit empty. The long night and the tension had taken it’s toll. After eating a pizza from the freezer he sat on his chair and noticed after some time he was staring at the wall. He didn’t feel like doing anything at all, wondered what to do this evening. The phone went and he jumped up to search for it. He found it after a while between some old newspapers and magazines.
“Jaro here!” , he shouted curtly.
“Eliska here!”, the happy sounding answer surprised him.

She invited him to come over to the studio. First he wanted to refuse, “Why this sudden invitation?” , he thought. “I thought Ole was in Sweden…”, he said. Eliska agreed on that, but added that should not stop him from coming over. Somebody had made a promise to him and wanted to make it come true. His heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean by this?”, he stammered.
“Just come over and you’ll know”, the assistant of Ole answered. “Come around Nine.”

It was not even Nine P.M. when Jaro rang the doorbell. Eliska didn’t take long to open the door. She was dressed in a long black lacy dress that had a very high neckline. This made her look a bit like an old fashioned schoolteacher, but her stern appearance was completely different from her lovely smiling face. Her short blond hair made her outfit even more exquisite.

The pretty Czech girl asked Jaro to go to the studio and to wait there. They would join him in a very short time. So he went up the stairs to the attic and found a chair in the middle of the room. Nothing had been laid out; he almost expected something like that. He didn’t know if he should be disappointed or not. After some time he found himself staring at yet another wall.

It seemed to have taken ages before the door was opened. Eliska walked in, pulling Barbora forward by a rope that was attached to other ropes which were used to bind the wrists of his lovely friend together. She was completely naked, so was completely the opposite of Eliska. Her hair was bound in a ponytail; it made her look very innocent, like a child. It was in high contrast with the ropes around her writsts. The women looked stunning. Barbora kept her eyes to the ground. He wished she looked at him, but she didn’t.

When they were in front of his chair, Eliska started to talk.
“Here is Thru. She is going to give you a night you’ll never forget. You can fulfil all your wishes with her, even your darkest ones. I’m here to assist you to make it all possible, but I’m also here to prevent Thru to get damaged.”
“Damaged?”, he asked in a sort of shock. Eliska nodded and presented the rope to him.
He took it and remained silent for a few moments. Then he untied the knots that kept the wrists of Barbora together. “I don’t want this. I think you don’t know me very well.”

He took the pretty police woman by the hand and asked Eliska: “Can we go to the red room? I would like to spend the night with my love.” Eliska nodded and added: “But you will still have me to assist you to get the best night of your life”