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Death in Ropes (1st Story of Barbora and Jaro)

Ole Taka Halversen was waiting patiently on Vaclav Havel Airport near Prague in the arrival hall. Unlike a lot of people who were walking up and down in a restless manner, he was the proof that people can maintain their peace with themselves even when in anxiety or tension.

Some ignorant people would call him a bit overweight, but he was a big man in all points of view. He didn’t have hair on his head, but on his hands you could see that it would have been light red. He had these hands folded over his stomach. The only way you could notice that he was waiting, was that he once in a few minutes would look on the screen which displayed the arrival of planes.

Her plane had landed and he realised that the passengers on the Lufthansa flight from Tokyo had to wait for their luggage and had to pass passport control and customs. It took what other people would regard as ages but finally the first Japanese people entered the hall searching for relatives or friends who were supposed to collect them from the airport.

Kiko was one of the last to enter. He recognised her immediately! She was a bit smaller than he expected and she almost looked as young as a schoolgirl. He waved and she smiled in a relieved manner. Of course it would have been hard for her to find her way on her own on a totally unfamiliar airport in a land that she never visited before.

She walked up to him, bowed and thanked him for coming to get her from the airport. He thanked her in response, bowed like she did. It sure was a privilege to see her over here. She giggled a bit and said that she was sorry to have kept him waiting. Customs went through her suitcase and admired the toys she brought along. She never went anywhere without them so she had to take them along.

Ole smiled and said that he still didn’t understand where she would like to stay: in a hotel or in his place. She said she was very happy to stay in his house if he was able to have her there. He was more than happy with her answer. While they walked out of the airport he informed about her flight. It wasn’t too bad according to her. She asked how the preparations for the festival went on.

Things were going quite smooth according to Ole, but he was very happy to see the star of the event walking next to him. She gave him a big smile and giggled. “It’s easy to be the star. You will have to do the real work. The real art work is in the knots.”
He looked at her, it still was quite a miracle she was walking beside him. He had seen so many pictures of her on the internet. On some of them it looked like she was made of rubber. The Japanese bondage masters knew exactly where her limits were. He still had to discover this, but he was delighted by the idea that he could do so many more things than his normal routine with the Czech models he worked with.

They were at the taxi stand and Ole opened a door of the first one. The driver jumped out of his car, took the luggage of Kiko and put them in the trunk. Ole and Kiko got seated in the back and the driver took his place. He looked at Ole in a questioning way without saying a word.  “To Johannes Hus Street 74, please!” Ole said.

The Studio  
The taxi stopped in front of a stately mansion, Ole paid and took her luggage over from the driver. When they walked in Kiko was really amazed about the height of the ceiling. It was all quite different from her apartment in Tokyo.  Ole watched her with amusement. “Would you like a tour through the house, or would you rather sit down for a moment with coffee or tea and relax?”

A woman came from the back of the house; she was quite tall, slim, attractive and had blond very short hair. “Ah, here is Eliska. Without her I would be lost”, Ole said. Kiko and Eliska were introduced to each other and shook hands with a little bow. The tall woman took her time to have a good look at the little Asian girl and after that asked them if they would like coffee or tea. They chose tea and Eliska promised to bring it to the living room as soon as possible. Ole went to show Kiko around.

Downstairs were the living room, the large kitchen and a bathroom attached to a long corridor. The tiny Japanese girl felt like she almost drowned in the big space. Upstairs were the master bedroom, Eliska’s room and two spare bedrooms. All rooms had an ensuite.  One was quite modern; the other was furnished in a classical style, with heavy red curtains and a red carpet, even with an impressive canopy bed. It was dressed in beautiful draperies. When asked which bedroom Kiko wanted to stay in, she didn’t hesitate one second: the classical red room of course! She would feel like a princess in this room.

Ole put her suitcases on the floor and asked her if she would like to see the rest of the house or go downstairs for their tea. She urged the big man to continue their tour. So they went on to the next floor. At the end of the stairs was a door and Ole opened it. It led to a big room with a wooden floor, there was not a lot in it. There was a small wooden table; a big cabinet; four chairs against a wall. Kiko noticed three hooks in the high ceiling. And she saw a door at the end of the room. The door was open and she could see that there was yet another bathroom. When she peeked through the door, she saw not only a bath but also a shower cubicle.

“Welcome in my studio”, Ole said, “I expect that we will be spending quite some time over here.” Kiko told she was amazed how big the room was. And Ole told her that sometimes more than one master was working in here, so it was quite useful to have a lot of space.

“Do you think we can have a first session tomorrow morning or do you need to rest a full day? I can imagine you must be quite tired by the journey.”  But she assured him she would be really ready for their work the next day. With this knowledge they went downstairs to the tea in the living room.

Waking up

When she woke up in the morning she felt wonderful, no signs of a jetlag at all. She remembered the meal: how Eliska had served them the nice dishes she had made for the special occasion of her arrival in Prague. The way Eliska had looked in her eyes whenever she wanted to know if she needed more salt or sauce or salad or wine. The tall woman was as soft spoken as Ole and treated him with utmost respect. Kiko could not really figure out how the relation between her hosts was. Was Eliska just the personal assistant or maybe something more.

She decided not to think too much about it, time would probably tell. She looked around her in this state of being totally relaxed. It was still quite early, there was no sound she could hear in the house. Outside she sometimes could hear the sound of traffic, of cars passing by every few minutes. Like she already thought yesterday: it was not a busy street. Sunshine tried to peek through the curtains and Kiko decided to give the sun a chance to shine on her.

She got out of the canopy bed that gave her this relaxed feeling and opened the curtains. The sun was warm on her naked body, it almost felt like an embrace. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it for a few minutes. Then she decided to see if she really was the only person who woke up. She put on her red kaftan and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

She found Ole and Eliska over there drinking coffee. Eliska offered her a cup, but she asked for herbal tea instead. It had to be made especially for her; it was lovely and she closed her eyes again to concentrate on the excellent taste. Eliska made her a light breakfast while Ole and Kiko were talking about the plans for this morning. She assured the Master that she was fully prepared to his work with her. She would not have any problems with trusting her body to him. The only question she had, was what he would like her to wear. She was willing to fulfil any wish he had. She had taken along all the outfits the Japanese Masters liked on her, but it was up to Ole to decide. The Master chose her to be dressed in something she would feel comfortable in daily life. He wanted her to be fully relaxed during their first session.
The First Session

She came in with a feeling of euphory, she had proven before that tortures were connected with the feeling of being complete, she just wanted to be a miracle on the strings of the master. It all begins as an artistic game .

Kiko was convinced of the talent of the Master, "I will be his fantastic creation," she thought . Her Asian skin and all the expression on her face showed she was expecting a soft bondage . Kiko was wearing a white shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, below them her were her distinguished white socks visible.
She approached and the master smiled ...     

On the wooden table was an arrangement of ropes in several colours , handcuffs , tape , a camera made by Sony, a Canon camera, everything was ready for the bondage. She loved the sight of it.
Ole asked Kiko if she was ready to start. Kiko answered in the Japanese way, in a soft spoken manner looking a bit shy.                                                             
“What do you prefer? Can you select what you want me to use?”,  he asked.             “It is not a problem for me to choose and let you bind me in a beautiful way, but I prefer that you decide and go beyond my expectation,” Kiko says quietly.

Master took some ropes, tied her legs, then tied her hands behind her back, and placed the girl against the wall , her head hung forwards, her square black hair covering her face . Ole Taka admired the view that was created by the ropes; her incredible breasts were pressed forward. He had to unbutton the blouse, Kiko became his magic design.

Kiko had fantastic lips, full and red, closed in a nice way ... her face showed joy and excitement. Master stood up, took the camera and started filming, trying to get the image from every angle. The camera loved Kiko, Master loved the way he could catch everything of her.

Master unbuttoned the blouse, took the belt out of her jeans, unbuttoned them and pulled the jeans down and further down. He saw a sublime image ...                        Kiko shone in the ropes ...

Pavel Kulak

After a nice long shower and a light lunch Ole suggested Kiko to have a little walk to Troja Botanic Garden. Ole Taka is fond of this park. Maybe the reason for it is in his Japanese genes. Part of the Garden is  a beautiful Japanese park. Ole often goes over there, sometimes just to relax, find more peace in himself, but he also feels he gets inspiration from the lovely Japanese cherry blossoms and the lovely way the whole park has been created.

Kiko never found the time for a thing like this in Japan; of course there are great gardens to be found in Tokyo, but she has never looked for them. Ole proved to be of great knowledge of the trees and plants and she was really delighted to see the beauty of it all. Next to the park is a well-known zoo, but both of them don’t really felt like walking through a crowd with noisy children.

Instead they decided to get something to drink in a little café that is not very far away from the park. Walking to the café Ole told her that on certain times of the day you can find almost everybody who is a bit of importance over there. Ole was very correct, they entered ten minutes later. It was not very busy at this time of the day. Two men were playing chess, sitting at a table next to the window. Ole whispered  that the men are very famous Czech poets and mentioned their names. The names were not familiar to Kiko.

When the waitress brought them coffee and tea a man entered the door. He was quite tall, handsome, slim and he wore his long black hair in a ponytail at the back. Kiko knew she had seen this face before! She made Ole aware of the new arrival and he stood up immediately. “Pavel!”, he shouted, “Pavel, come sit with us!” Ole introduced him as Pavel Kulak. And then she remembered who he was. She had seen his brilliant black and white photography in some art magazines. And he made big eyes when he saw her. “Is this really Kiko? I must be dreaming!” He complimented her with the photographs he had seen of her in bondage and art magazines and on different sites on the internet.

He wanted to know of all their plans and about the coming bondage festival he had heard about. The three got into a lively conversation about it all. Pavel asked if Ole could get him involved. He was not an expert in bondage photographs, but he was sure he would be able to make great work with Kiko and Ole. Ole invited him – if this was alright with Kiko – to make photographs of their next session. Kiko hastily agreed.
Pavel made the suggestion that he could bring his Hasselblad camera. This would be perfect for a nude session. He looked questioning: “Am I too forward?”, he asked Kiko. Kiko shook her lovely head, she assured the men that she was ready for a nude session. She was certain Pavel could make great shots of the fantastic work of Ole. So it was arranged, the next afternoon would be a nude session with Pavel making photographs.

The Cemetery

After Pavel leaves she introduced to some other artists, but all these new names were a bit much for her. She noticed that she forgot them almost as soon as heard them. If needed of course  she could always ask again. But all in all it was a very nice afternoon. Ole and Kiko did not want it to stop yet: so he phoned Eliska that they will eat out.

Ole knew all the nice places; he showed her a lovely Italian restaurant not very far from the café. His promise about the great pasta they serve was quite right. She really enjoyed the food together with a few glasses of Barolo, an exquisite wine. She knew almost for sure it was an expensive bottle Ole ordered. The waiter was bowing like anything: his nose almost hit his shoes.

Time flew and when they left it was starting to get dark already. Ole insisted of showing her one more thing this day: the Jewish Cemetery. The cemetery is nearby and very famous in literature and because of the spooky things that are being told about it. The big man told her the story of the Golem. She listened without interrupting him once. It was indeed in walking distance.

Ole opened the gates and they walked in while the darkness slowly covered the sky. She was glad that the moon appeared, made it less gloomy. They became silent, it all was very overwhelming. It was not because of the graves, but because of the whole atmosphere. Not that she felt depressed by the unmistaken presence of death all around her. It was a feeling of spirituality that seemed to come from every grave.

It was not possible anymore to read the names on the gravestones, but that would not have made any difference for her. None of the names would have been known to her anyway. But she realised she felt respect for people that must have meant a lot to other people. Not just scholars, science people, artists, but also what people consider as common people.

At a certain moment it felt like there was somebody walking along with her. When they stopped and Ole pointed something out, she felt like being observed. As is a person stood in front of her and took everything in what could be seen. When they walked on she felt a chill coming in through her coat. She was sure she buttoned op completely and yet a few buttons were undone. She stopped walking and did it again.

She got the feeling that a cold hand was creeping up on her legs under her coat. She shivered but did not have any fear. Yet she was agreeing with Ole about walking back to his house and felt a bit relieved leaving the cemetery. They walked almost silently and a few times she thought Ole was taking her by the hand. It felt like that, but when she looked he had his hands in the pockets of his coat…


After the walk on the cemetery Kiko seemed to have an indefinable feeling and a strange energy. It was like the mystical shadow on the cemetery had left a vague feeling of sadness. She was really too young to think about this stage of life.

Kiko sighed. A strange thought came to her mind about the reason why Ole had brought her there. The girl felt a bit of fear for the first time since she arrived in Prague. She remembered the story about the Golem that Ole told her and stories about vampire souls who wander among the living she had read.

It also came to her mind that she once heard somebody say that "wandering spirits can find a way to get to you, and they can fall in love with a person like you." There came a doubt to her: were they using her naivety? But was it Ole doing this? He had made her stop walking on the cemetery before she felt being touched.

She wanted to spend some time in the living room before going to sleep, wanted to have a drink and smoke a bit on the terrace. When she wanted to go outside for the smoke Eliska came in and Kiko had to force herself to give her a smile. Kiko didn’t become friends with women easily.

On the terrace she had a look on the street, the house stood on a hill fronting the city. From where she stood she could see the yellow traffic signs blinking, reflected vaguely on the tarmac. Kiko hastily smoked the cigarette.                                                        "I need a walk, just a little stroll in the street," she thought. So she went out and walked towards the traffic lights and returned. The walk only took a few minutes.

When she came to the front door she saw her own reflection. It reminded her of a woman featuring in a 40’s film seeing herself in her pink silk blouse. When she returned to the living room she could still smell her own perfume. It was like there was a Sakura, a cherry tree in full bloom. Eliska was nowhere to be seen. It was nice to be on her own a little time. She had one more drink and after that Kiko went to the toilet.
Now she was able to sleep: the day had been tiring and there were many thoughts spooking in her mind. She needed to rest.

The Night

In the light of the lamp on her bedside table she looked at the ​​classic bedroom furniture of the room that Ole had given her. She wondered why she had accepted the invitation from Ole to come to Prague without hesitation. Maybe it was the tempting idea to dive in the Festival of Bondage in Prague? With thoughts like these Kiko fell asleep.

That night she dreamed that he was bound by red ropes; she felt so much pain and pleasure but the red strings brought also a new sensation. Kiko felt she was lost in erotic submission, she kept moving up and down in a regular rhythm. She woke up, opened her eyes, but the room was in deep silence in the low and soft yellow light of the lamp next to her bed.

Kiko had the impression that all this was true, it had not been a dream. Everything felt real, there was a real feeling of bondage that night. Kiko even could sense a faint smell of burned flesh where in her dream the red strings had been. “Whatever it was, it was just a dream”, she thought.

She tried in vain to remember details of the dream. The dream seemed to get lost in the silence of the night, was not within reach of her mind anymore.
Through a little gap in the curtains she could see the early daylight. It was 5:30 and she got out of bed. She loved the beginning of the day, to her it was always the meeting of two worlds. She walked to her bathroom to have a shower.

Kiko saw her own face in the mirror;  she looked radiant while she was thinking back of the dream again. She still had a strange feeling, looked at her skin in the mirror and then saw tiny welts on it. She looked at the pattern that was still vaguely visible. She was stunned! It looked like she had been in a perfect bondage.

Pavel’s Preparation

Pavel had been surprised to meet and talk with Kiko and Ole Take.  They had given him a positive impulse , he had thousands of new ideas and felt a kind of happiness, he could not explain. He thought back of how he already loved the name Kiko. How attractive she was and yet seemed so very intelligent.

"Yes, she is like a storm cherry in a Japanese garden where nothing is missing and there is so much to see and to explore.” This Japanese mystic was not born  in Tokyo, but in an area quite near Mount Fuji.  "Oh how magical this girl is, " Pavel said aloud. Then he laughed about himself, talking to himself.

"An afternoon with Ole and Kiko to make a serie of nude photographs, fantastic. I know the chance to find a person like this is close to nothing," Pavel thought. While these thoughts race through his head he takes a glass of an exquisite liquor. Pavel really looked forward to the session.

He took the business card that Ole gave him before he left them. And he gathered everything he as a professional photographer might need.
He left with his car, a metallic Citroen C6.                                                                                                                                                                                             Shortly before arriving he called Ole. "Hi Master, I’m almost there."                         Ole told him he would open the door, they were ready for him. Pavel parked the car in the garage, somewhere to the left of the house,  nearer the centre of the city.
He walked down to the house. Ole waited for him in front of it with a friendly smile. 

"Welcome to my house, Pavel," said the Master.                                                    "It’s  a great pleasure for me," Pavel answered, charming in his own natural way .
The two walked in, side by side.                                                                              "Would you like to drink something?" Ole asked.                                                    "Oh no, don’t bother about that", answered Pavel, "I better start unpacking my things  because I have a busy schedule."                                                                           "Of course, you can go straight to the studio," Ole offered friendly.

The Nude Session

Ole walked the stairs in front of Pavel. The photographer was amazed about the space of the studio. How he would like to have so much room to work in! The room looked even bigger because of the sparse furniture and just a little piece of carpet in the middle. Much time to look around he didn’t have. He started to get his things ready in one of the corners; felt he should not be in the way of the Master.

Ole stood in the middle of the room watching the busy Pavel for a short time and then asked to be excused for a minute. He would tell Kiko everything was ready for them to start.

The Master returned with the Japanese girl a lot faster than Pavel expected, he was not totally ready. “Just one second!” he asked with his back turned to them and the two of them watched him getting things like his flash and his tripod out of his cases. Expertly he put everything where he wanted and turned around. The Master stood there with his hands folded in front of him. The girl was wearing a bathrobe and smiled friendly at him.

There were no words needed to know that they could start and Ole took one of the chairs and put it almost in the middle of the room. On it was an array of ropes: red ropes and white ropes. Than he placed a second chair next to it. This one was empty. He looked at Kiko and she took the bathrobe off.

Pavel got a dry mouth, she was simply stunning! Both men could not take their eyes off her. Kiko just smiled expectantly at the Master, didn’t show real emotion on her pretty face. Kiko nodded at Pavel and he managed to give a sort of smile. It was really overwhelming for him; he had worked with nude models before but never saw anybody as beautiful as this Japanese girl.

The Master made his first move; he took a white rope from the chair and made Kiko turn around. He bound her hands at the back very thorough, winding the rope around the wrists before making his knots. Then he turned her around again. Because her arms were behind her back her lovely breasts were thrust more forward. The look in her eyes had changed; it was like she was very far away with her mind. The Master asked her to lay on the floor on the piece of carpet.

He bend her legs and bound the ankles to her upper legs. He took two more ropes to attach these bounds to the rope that held her wrists together. Then he took two red ropes and crossed them around left breast and led it to her right arm again. The right breast was attached to the left arm. The red ropes looked wonderful against her amazing white skin.

Pavel shook himself awake and took his Nikon camera and started to shoot his pictures while Ole went on making the girl into a colourful package. At a certain moment he brought a third chair over. He took a very long rope and climbed on the chair and pulled the rope through a hook in the ceiling. Two other ropes followed in the other hooks.

Ole then put the chairs together and arranged the bathrobe on them. “Pavel now I can use some assistance,” he said, “can you help me lay Kiko on the chairs?” Pavel put his Nikon away and did what was asked. Very careful the men got the pretty girl on the chairs. Pavel wondered what Ole wanted to do next.

The Master took one of the ropes and led it under the ropes that were crisscrossed on her back, pulled it tight and laid a knot. He did this also with the other two ropes, dividing them equally over her back. Then he checked the knots and nodded approvingly. Slowly he pulled the middle chair away. She was still steady, then the one near her buttocks and finally the one near her head.

She was free, it looked almost like flying. Pavel took his tripod and his Hasselblad and started making the photographs he hoped for. These black and whites would be amazing! A few times he changed the position of the tripod until he grabbed in his pocket and took out his mobile phone. He read the message and moaned: “I’m afraid I have to go. I feared this would happen.”  “I’m almost finished Pavel, are you sure?” the Master answered.

He was and he assured Ole he could find his way out. He collected all his things as fast and as silent as he could. He would get in contact about the photographs as soon as possible, he promised the Master. Ole asked Pavel on his way out to ask Eliska to let him out and to let her get to Ole after that. Pavel understood and he left the studio very quiet after having a last look at the Japanese girl who now rocked a bit in the air. He really felt a sort of guilt, it was almost like disturbing a sacred proceeding. Somehow it felt wrong to greet Kiko so he didn’t do that.

On the first floor he saw Eliska and told her what Ole wanted. The tall woman smiled and led him to the front door. He thanked her and walked with his bags towards the garage.


Eliska entered the studio with a phone in her hand.                                                      “I know you don’t want to be disturbed while you are in a session, but I had to come in anyway. Your father asked you to call him back; said it was urgent.”  Ole nodded and took the phone from her hand. “I want you to sit on this chair and keep an eye on Kiko while I do this. I want her to be completely safe.” She understood and sat down watching the Japanese girl rocking very gently in the air. On the chair next to her were three white ropes and one red.

The Master was having a conversation near the end of the room. He spoke softly, yet it seemed very serious, his face looked troubled. He kept his eyes on Kiko and Eliska. The Czech woman couldn’t take her eyes off the girl who looked a lot smaller this way. Because she hung with her back upwards, her hair was in front of her lovely face. Her eyes were hidden this way.

The Master finished his conversation, still looked worried while he walked back to them. When he stood next to them he seemed to switch into his original state. Perfectly calm and dedicated to his art. He looked approvingly at Kiko.                               Eliska spoke again: “Jak milé, že je, a přesto tak malý. Já bych opravdu chci ji držet a hladit ji.”                                                                                                                 Ole got an irritated look in his face: “Don’t be rude, Eliska. If you have something to say, you do this so we all can understand it! Say it again and this time in English and I want to hear it all!” Kiko had turned her face a bit up, seemed to have lost her trance.                                                                                                                              Eliska heard herself talking with a croaky voice: “How lovely she is and yet so small. I would really want to hold her and caress her.” She could feel her face is blushed.
The Master didn’t react on this. He took the red rope and bundled the dark hair of the Japanese girl and made a rough ponytail with it. The rest of the rope he pulled gently to her wrists and attached it there. Now Kiko was forced to look up this way and her face was fully visible. The Master took one of the white ropes and softly asked the lovely girl to open her mouth. He put the rope in her mouth and bound it to the ponytail.

He took a step away and looked at the sight. Kiko now had her eyes wide open and struggled a bit with the rope. A bit of drool seeped on her chin. Eliska couldn’t withhold herself and wiped it away with her hand. The Master didn’t seem to mind. He took the other two ropes and did what he had done with the first one. The Master took a good look again and nodded approvingly. He took his Cannon and made several photos. Then he sat down next to Eliska and had one more look at the pretty girl.

The Master stood up and put the two free chairs under Kiko. Eliska had to stand up and her chair is also placed under the girl. He then asked the tall woman to keep Kiko steady on the chairs while he untied the ropes that attached her to the ceiling. After this they laid her carefully on the floor. The Master allowed Eliska to help to take the ropes off and so this was done quite quick. Kiko stood up very slowly, like she was a bit dizzy and put on her bathrobe. She took Eliska by the hand: “Come!”, she said. Eliska had a quick glance on the Master, he nodded and walked to his phone. While he was pressing some numbers Kiko led Eliska out of the studio.


The young Japanese lead the tall Czech woman to her bedroom.  She placed her on the bed and looked her in the eyes.                                                                         “Please, can you just hold me for a while?” she asked almost in a whisper.                    Eliska got herself on the bed and spread her arms wide open. No further words were needed; Kiko folded herself in these inviting arms. Through the bathrobe and through her own clothes Eliska could feel the lovely girl trembling.
“I…” she started, but the Czech woman answered even before Kiko could finish.                                                                                                                                   “No need for explaining, Kiko.” Kiko sighed and closed her eyes. They remained like this for quite some time. Finally Eliska could feel the lovely and tiny body become more relaxed. The Japanese girl kept her eyes closed and it almost looked like she fell asleep.
It took Eliska completely by surprise when she opened her eyes again and gave her a little kiss on the lips. Kiko got herself out of her arms and got up. She gestured to Eliska that she should stay on the bed and got out of the bathrobe. The woman again was overwhelmed by the beauty of her body. Crisscrossed there were still some welts visible.

While Kiko chose some clothes from the wardrobe she started to talk.                    “I’m always a bit difficult towards other women. I don’t trust them easily and some people even say I look at them in a hateful way. Let’s say I have had bad experiences. It’s easier for me to trust my body in the hands of a Master than to open up to another woman. But I do feel that you are different and I’m sure Master Ole trusts you so much in lots of things for good reasons.”

Eliska almost hated the clothes that were slowly covering up the beautiful body. Kiko continued her explanation. “So when I look at you in an unfriendly way; it’s not because of you, it’s because of me. I feel like I can trust you, I’ve never spoken to anybody like this before. I even feel I could trust my body in your hands and maybe I will do such later. It felt so good in your arms. I’m very grateful you took care of me like this. The session made a lot more impact on me than I’m used to.”
She finished clothing by putting on a white top above her jeans. “And now I would like to eat a bit.”


The sky was filled with a golden colour and Kiko decided to have a walk on the road. For a moment she felt empty,  had lost all the excitement in being a part of the art of Ole Taka. She no longer understood her strange attraction for bondage so far away from Tokyo and so far from the powerful mountain Fuji.

She felt a bit afraid, and a sudden wind chilled her body, but she looked at what happened until now and everything seemed to say: "It will be okay Kiko".She felt the wind caress her hair; it was like that wind came from Far East and it was like soft music in her ears and it tangled hair.

She walked slowly and became aware of tears falling on her cheeks. She sat herself on a bench and lit a cigarette, then she thought about a postcard she once saw with a Wise man saying on it: "Until the very end you can make decisions, after that follow these and do not doubt yourself. Doubts give negative energy and will cost all other energy."

The Candle Session

Eliska was placing candles in the studio when Pavel came in. The light of the moon shone on his face through one of the small windows, making his face look pale and skinny and making his nose look bigger and sharper. She preferred seeing him in daylight.

The Master was his usual calm self, laying bundles of white and red rope ready for the coming session. His face looked very serene, the moonlight made it look round and friendly. He made Eliska think of a Buddha statue. There was not a word said while he was busy. Three chairs were placed under the hooks in the ceiling and the fourth was being used for the ropes. Ole greeted Pavel with a little nod and the photographer started to get his gear ready.

When Kiko entered in her white bathrobe Ole was ready for her. Pavel was putting his tripod on the floor and attached his Hasselblad on it and then he looked up. He only needed to say “I’m ready”, to get the Japanese girl take off her robe. It looked like the light of the moon made love to her lovely body. Ole looked at her and walked to the cabinet and took a few things out of a drawer.

“I want to do things a bit different tonight if that is okay with you Kiko”, he said. “Please put this on…” and he gave her an orange latex mask. Eliska knows this mask: it covers the face completely and leaves only the eyes and mouth visible. Kiko wrestles a bit with getting her hair in the mask, but it fits perfectly. Her eyes are almost burning through the eyeholes and the colour of her mouth is very red compared to the orange of the mask. Maybe she has put lipstick on, it sure  looks like it.

Ole has another thing in his hands: the purple ball gag with holes. Eliska understands why he took this thing instead of the normal red ball gag. The mask covers the nose completely, Kiko would not be able to breathe with the red one. The Master put the ball in the girl’s mouth and fastens the straps on the back of her head. Then he asks Kiko if she still was feeling okay like this, did she get enough air? She mumbles behind the ball and nods.

Pavel had been looking on and got his Nikon out and soon was flashing around Kiko, making photographs of the colourful head. It really was a striking view! Eliska was suddenly aware of the Master looking at her, so she asked him if she should leave the studio. Sometimes he didn’t want her around, she knew at these times he wanted to be able to be more concentrated on his work, just being with the bondage model. But this time he shook his head, “No, you might be very needed for getting more light while I work.”

Eliska was very happy about this, she always loved to see Ole working. Maybe one day she could assist him; he had used her too as a model, but merely to experiment with different type of knots. For the rest she was prepared to do anything he wanted from her, so she was his secretary, his personal assistant, accountant, cook, cleaning lady and if needed shared the bed with Ole. Sometimes being there would take away some stress from him.

The Master pushed the arms of Kiko behind her back and bound the wrists and elbows together. He then asked the lovely masked girl to lay down on the floor, next to the chairs. He tied one leg behind her body and fastened it with a rope around her waist. The other leg he left free. After this a pattern of white and red ropes got crisscross all over her body. Sometimes it looked to Eliska that there was already a welt on the body before Ole even got it there.

She was almost lying on the floor connected to red cords so artistic, they formed a pretty nest on her chest like made by a spider, hands tied behind her back. The light of candles lit the room and the body of Kiko. Everything was carefully placed and it looked so perfect. Kiko with her carmine lips and her heavy eye make-up looked like an icon for bondage.

But why were they doing this new session? Was it just for photos, or maybe a pleasure bondage for sex? She never felt more naked in her life. For the first time she noticed something in that man next to her. Kiko saw this man, his face was almost unrecognizable, who monitored the session. He leaned over her, his eyes were weird.

Ole stepped back for a moment and looked with Eliska and Pavel on the neat colourful package in front of them on the floor. The Master nodded, he was obviously satisfied. He asked the others to help lift Kiko from the floor on the chairs. After this was done Ole got the forth chair and put ropes through the hooks and fastened them on the Japanese girl. He nodded to Pavel and Eliska: “Yes?” They knew what he wanted and they slowly took the chairs from under her, so she hang on the ropes like an ornament, swinging slowly from side to side, her free leg almost hanging on the floor.

Ole took it and tied a white rope around her big toe and then around the foot itself; he climbed on a chair and the rope he fastened at the nearest hook. This way she was totally exposed. Pavel got his tripod close to the body and made some photo’s. The Master stepped back to have another look. He thought for a little moment and then took one white rope and two reds. He bound the white to the rope around her waist and pulled it towards  her crotch and brought the end towards to other side of the rope around her waist. When the rope tightened, Kiko looked like to swing to and from. Ole shook his head, he was not pleased with the result. The moon seemed to have disappeared behind a cloud, so it suddenly became a bit darker.

Pavel was asked to hold Kiko still and Eliska to bring some candles over so the Master could see better. He wanted it to be a lot tighter, he said. When the candles were near he went back to work. What he was doing seemed exciting for Kiko because she made some strange noises. Ole didn’t even notice, Eliska thought, because he just went on with what he was doing. The red ropes went left and right of the white. It took quite some fumbling and knotting before Ole was happy with it. Pavel looked on from the middle of the girl, Eliska was sure he would have preferred to do some of his own work. Instead the cameras were unused on the floor and on the tripod.

Finally the Master was happy with the result, nodded to Pavel that he could let go of the body and walked towards Kiko’s face. Pavel went for his cameras when Ole shouted: “Put on the lights! There is something bloody wrong!” Eliska ran to the switches and when she returned she saw immediately things were not like they should. The ball gag was hanging next to Kiko’s face, her eyes were wide open, like in despair, her mouth was so widely open that Eliska could look in her throat.  And what was even worse, she didn’t seem to breathe.

“Take her down!”, Ole shouted and she and Pavel laid Kiko on the floor. Ole tried to give her the kiss of life while Pavel and Eliska looked at the scene in absolute horror. It didn’t work, we could see that. Pavel came to his senses and phoned for an ambulance. The Master got to his feet, looked like a broken man. “She is gone. What happened? How did the ball gag get off?”, he asked her. She didn’t know, all three had been looking on another part of Kiko while he was doing his art work. 

While they waited for the ambulance, they were all silent. Eliska was sure the police would come along, of course this was not a normal accident.

The Police starts investigating

The paramedics were still packing their things when First Lieutenant Barbora Kucera and Sergeant Jaroslav Holoubek were guided to the studio by Eliska. She had to think about the film the Beauty and the Beast when she saw them in front of the door. The First Lieutenant was around 40, blond and a very smart detective. She was gentle and quiet, almost mystical, more a listener than a talker, not strange with a profession like hers. Her features were delicate and she had green eyes. With her 1.70 and slim posture her breasts seemed larger than they really were.

Jaro Holoubek was a bit overweight, looked like a man who enjoyed his beer. He was around 50, his hair almost gone except half a circle almost on the back of his head. That kind of hair you expect from monks, but this man was no monk. Instead he was as cynical as can be. “We heard there was a party going on?”, he said at the door. Eliska thought that he must be a rude or very bitter man to address her like that. Officer Kucera had looked at him in a disapproving way.

The uniformed police man got an approving nod from Miss Kucera when he told her he had prevented anything changed on the scene. He added that he thought that the bondage model was suffocated by the ropes. She shook her head: the ropes were nowhere near her throat. On the floor were the mask and the gagging ball. She and Holoubek put plastic gloves on and she first picked up the mask and saw that it would fully cover the face till the mouth. “Bag it, Jaro!”, she said and he put it in a plastic bag that he sealed. Then she picked up the gagging ball. “Did she wore this too?”, she asked at Ole in amazement. He nodded, but added that it had holes and would not hamper breathing. “Who’s idea was this?” Jaro bagged the gagging ball too while she had a good look at the body. “The photographer asked for some colours added to the session to be able to make great photographs”, Ole answered.

“We definitely need a post mortem to be able to see what happened!”, she said. Ole, Eliska and Pavel looked on without saying anything. Barbora pointed at the camera’s, tripod and bags; “Whose are these?”, she asked. Pavel said it was all his, he had only been the photographer of the session. “We will have to take all this along too.”

Pavel was not happy with this, without all this he could not work. Jaro reacted on this: “You think the pictures you made were of a birthday party? This is an enquiry about a suspicious death. We’ll decide what we need for that and not you!” This was enough to keep Pavel quiet for some time.

Barbora and Jaro were taking statements from Ole, Eliska and Pavel when there was somebody at the door. Eliska was sent to open the door for the police doctor, an elderly, very tall and grey man. While he examined the body Barbora and Jaro went on with their work. After the statements Eliska had to show Jaro the room of Kiko. He had a quick look in, left the red room again and put two blue and white plastic strips over the entrance. “We might have to examine this room thoroughly”, he growled.

When Eliska and Jaro came back in the studio the police doctor just came to his feet again. He shook his head: “I can’t make any sense out of this yet.” Barbora didn’t look surprised, she had expected this. “We’ll bring the body over to your department” and she took her mobile phone out of her pocket and gave some instructions. “You stay here till the body has been taken along”, she said to the uniformed policeman. She added to Ole, Eliska and Pavel: “You all stay in the city, we might need more information of you.”

A restless Night

It was a very sad sight to see Kiko being wrapped in a sort of leather bag. The last thing Eliska saw of her that night was her head disappearing behind a zipper. The bag was put on a stretcher with wheels, carried down the stairs and wheeled out of the house into an ambulance. The car drove into the night while Eliska closed the door. She had to open again to let Pavel go through too. He didn’t say a word, just walked off towards the parking garage.

She found Ole sitting on the stairs towards the studio, his head in his hands. Eliska asked if he wanted to join her in bed, no use to stay there. He shook his head and told her he wanted to think. He was going to withdraw himself from the bondage festival and even wondered if he should quit with bondage totally. If he was to be blamed for Kiko’s death he would never be able to forgive himself. Eliska was sure Ole did nothing wrong, but she could not convince Ole.

The whole evening had shocked Eliska very much; these moments with Kiko tonight were the worst she ever experienced. Nobody could imagine something awful like this could happen. Tears ran over her cheeks and she could not resists to open the sealed door of Kiko’s bedroom. The police were not really on her mind. In the room she could still smell Kiko’s delicate perfume, the form of her head was still faintly visible on the pillow.

Eliska undressed and got into the bed in which she once has held the trembling body of the Japanese girl after a session. She was very aware of the remains of odours and even a bit of make-up on the pillow and could not help herself of holding it, almost hugging it while she continued to cry. And she kept doing this until she fell in a restless sleep full with weird and unfamiliar dreams.

That night she dreamed that she was bound by red ropes; she felt a lot of pain and pleasure but the red strings brought also a new sensation. She had never been bound like this before. After some time Eliska dreamt she needed to go to the bathroom, but she could not move a muscle. She kept trying to get up and heard the silvery little laugh of Kiko while doing this. She started pleading: “Please let me go! I promise I will come back.” Finally she really woke up and ran to the bathroom. While she finally could do what was needed she looked at herself in the mirror and saw welts all over her body. So the dream wasn’t a dream at all!

She felt so tired because of all her struggles that she went back to bed and soon was lost in a peaceful sleep. When she woke up again, it was a bright sunny morning and she got out of bed, went to the bathroom and had a good look in the mirror. There were no signs of welts whatsoever! Eliska had the impression that everything had been real, there was a real feeling of bondage that night. Eliska even had sensed a faint smell of burned flesh where in her dream the red strings had been.

When she got to the kitchen, Ole was already over there drinking coffee. She could see that he didn’t sleep at all that night, dark circles under his eyes. Eliska wondered if her night had something to do with this and she asked Ole if he had visited her in the red room. Ole looked at her in amazement, asked if she was crazy! The room had been sealed off by the police, going in there is a crime. And he assured her that he didn’t visit her in the night.

“So you didn’t tie me up either?” Eliska asked. He denied and walked out of the kitchen. Eliska decided to phone to Barbora Kucera: this what happened to her might be important. But the police woman was not there and somebody took her request to have a talk with her as soon as possible.


Barbora and Jaro were having a coffee in the little café near the police station when the colleague phones them that they are needed in Ole’s place. They had been discussing the case that gave them so many questions. Barbora was strangely attracted to it, she tried to imagine how it would be to be a bondage model. It had the feeling of something dangerous, but she liked her life to be a bit adventurous.

She was very happy to work with Jaroslav Holoubek. A lot of colleagues didn’t like him with his bitter cynical humor. She knew he became like this because his misfortune to make career in the police force. At his age he was still a sergeant while young people like herself climbed very fast in the police ranks. He thought that the top disliked him, but Barbora knew it was because he didn’t go to university. Yet his knowledge of police work was huge and he knew his way very well in the city.

Barbora told him that bondage normally wasn’t dangerous, but he said he had read about a case in France. The French master had bound two women on top of each other. The girl at the top had panicked and because of that the other one had died. That master had never worked again in his profession. 
But a phone call got them on their feet and to their car.

When they arrived at Johannes Hus Street 74, they parked the car in front of the house. Eliska opened the door even before they rang the bell and took them to the living room where Ole was waiting. Eliska told them all about her night. Barbora and Jaro were very angry; they could arrest her for obstructing police work. Jaro demanded to see proof of her experience, but she told them everything has disappeared.                                  

“Of course!” Jaro said, “I saw the man on the moon yesterday, but today you can’t see him because he is hiding on the dark side!” Barbora silenced him asked Ole if he had seen the welts of the ropes. But Ole has not been a witness of it at all.

The phone of Barbora rang and she went to the other side to the room to receive it. There were some short reactions from her on what she heard and then she put her phone back in her pocket. She signalled to Jaro to join her and told him that the results of the post mortem were given. There were no signs of violence, of strangulation, of poisoning or whatsoever on Kiko. So they only knew that she suffocated, but how was one big puzzle. They went back to Eliska and Ole and Barbora told them that she wanted a reconstruction of the last session.

Ole asked if Pavel should be there too. Barbora said that she didn’t need him on this. Eliska asked who was going to do the role of Kiko. She offered herself to do it. Barbora shook her head and Jaro looked questioningly at her. The police woman said that she didn’t trust Eliska after her story, she obviously wanted to plead Ole free of guilt.                                                                                                                   “Who do you want as the bondage model?”, Jaro asked. “Any model that has worked together with Ole will try to help him.”                                                                        “I will do it!” Barbora said, “You, Jaro, will secure my safety.”  


After Barbora decided to become a model, a bondage model , she read hastily something about bondage, saw photos and models in erotic bondage. She spent a lot of the night on her pc; after she had read all she could find she was certain she would be okay.

 Barbora felt assured , it seemed like the thought about it all settled down in her mind. Very anxious  she formed the number of Ole on her phone. It rang quite a few times before a sleepy voice reacted: “Hello, who is there?” Barbora answered in a quiet way: “I’m ready, I want to test an erotic session with you,  to get used to you and to feel more at ease before I want to go on.” Barbora’s voice sounded unworried and relaxed.

Barbora got up early , had a kind of inner anxiety, but it was up to her to create a safe situation, taking away risks. Immediately she made a phone call to her assistant to be so sure that Jaro would know where she was going to be. Everything was ready and she left her house to go to Ole. Barbora was not afraid , but she had no experience at all in bondage and especially not in erotic bondage.

The voice through the intercom that answered her ringing the bell was a calm one. “Who is there?” Barbora said: “I am the model”. The door seemed to be opened by Eliska, but it was done in quite a drastic way. Ole stood next to her. He gave her his hand and Barbora pressed it warmly. Ole saw that she was very serious…
“Will this be your first time to be tied?” he asked.
“Yes and I want it to be a nude bondage,” she reacted.
Ole looked at Eliska and wanted her to get the camera ready.

“Prepare for the strings”, said Eliska.
“If you undress too” , reacted Barbora. Eliska didn’t hesitate and did what she wanted.
Ole urged Barbora: “What is your name? I can’t be a Master to Barbora, the police officer. If you want to become submissive, you need a new name.”

She thought only seconds and answered “I will be Thru to you. That is my name.”
He looked at her a bit in amazement, “That is a strange name. You obviously have your reasons to wear it. I won’t ask for them. Now make yourself ready.”
" I’m totally ready ", she answered. Ole shrugged.

After a few minutes Barbora had enjoyed a cappuccino and left the bathroom with a pink towel around her waist and with her hands before her bare chest.  “Wow”, Ole could not help to say. How charming she is, she looks like a flower that is about to burst open in full bloom. Everything was ready. Barbora felt more at ease because Eliska walked around nude too.

The doorbell rang and the person who was there, kept his finger on the button. Eliska put some clothes on hastily and went to the door. Jaro was there demanding that he could talk to Barbora. After some quick thinking Eliska led Jaro upstairs and made him wait in the kitchen. Barbora felt a bit annoyed, she didn’t need somebody babysitting but then again, maybe there was something else that could not wait. She asked Eliska to hand the sweater the woman was wearing and put that on on top of the towel.

Jaro didn’t have anything to report, he just wanted to be very sure Barbora was safe. “I know you get a nice salary, but is it enough to risk your life for? You deliver your life in the hands of a possible killer!”                                                                          Barbora shook her head: “Ole isn’t a killer. I’m 99% sure of that!”                         “The 1% uncertainty is enough for me not to leave without you.” Jaro reacted. The police woman wanted to go on anyway with the session, but could see Jaro’s point of view. So she suggested that he would wait in the corridor next to the room where she would be. Jaro agreed on that, so he grabbed a chair from the kitchen and took it next to the room where the session would be.

Barbora joined the company of the Master and Eliska, took the sweater off and threw it on a chair. Ole still wanted to see her with just the towel but before sitting down on a chair, he started with his ropes. Ole made a big knot by binding four cords seven times between her breasts until the model asked him to stop. A sort of electricity went through her. After a while he could continue and he bound her arms behind her back and then tied the bound breasts together. After this he added some pain by making her sit on the chair. Barbora looked excited and Ole asked her to open her legs so he could bind them and her feet to the legs of the chair.

After this he bound her hands to her head. To Barbora it felt like she had taken a load of Viagra or such. For the first time she even forgot about existence of the case she was investigating. Ole started to make photographs of her in every possible way.  Ole told her that for today this would be all. It had been perfect. When she was untied she was trembling quite a lot. Eliska had to hold her a few minutes. The trembling went away and Eliska let her go. Ole told her again that the session went really perfect and Eliska nodded approvingly while Barbora left the room dressed in the sweater and the towel to tell Jaro the session was over and to take a shower.

Jaro looked at her almost in a disapproving way, forgetting she was his superior. He saw the red welts on her legs and on her arms. He was not happy with this, he said, but did understand why she did this. Barbora asked him to go home. He witnessed she was safe, so there was no need for him to stay. They would see each other tomorrow at the station. He nodded and went downstairs without a word. While she went to the bathroom, she could hear the front door being closed.

When she came back Eliska was serving coffee. “Have a coffee with us and we talk about the session. I loved you in bondage.”
“I love being tied up”, Barbora reacted.
“You are very attractive, very beautiful”, Eliska said.
“I loved the pain, loved the bondage”, Barbora answered.
Ole laughed, ”So I noticed. I can arrange the next session, if you like.”
She approved, the next session should be the reconstruction of the night Kiko died. She added that she already knew that Ole and Eliska didn’t kill the Japanese girl.
Ole said: “Thru, I want you to have a meal with us tonight. Eliska is a great cook, I’m sure you will love it.”

She agreed and added that she wanted to have another look in the red room, the room where Kiko had stayed. She had a shower in the bathroom next to the room and got dressed. She had a good look around again, but nothing new came to her.
So she enjoyed a dinner with them and it was excellent indeed. They had interesting discussions about bondage and photography while eating.  After the meal Ole suggested that Thru could stay for the night. If this was okay for the police she could sleep in the red room. But Barbora could not accept the offer. She had to get up early in the morning, the investigation was far from finished.

She greeted them and left. Ole said very softly: “Totally different than Kiko. But sweet, shy and a perfect model for bondage.”

Barbora as a bondage model
They agreed with Ole to do the reconstruction session that same evening. He said that he was not feeling very good because of the shocking experience but even so he wanted to do it as soon as possible. To show to the police that he was innocent and to prove to himself that he was still a skilled master. Barbora and Jaro refused the idea to have everybody on the session. Pavel should not be there, Jaro was very able to play his part.  
So that evening Jaro waited with Ole and Eliska till Barbora would enter the studio. They had created the same situation as with Kiko. The electric lights were not on, the studio was lighted by a number of candles thus making a calm and almost private atmosphere. Ole had selected his ropes and had put them on a chair, just like he had done during the session with Kiko. He was ready for Thru.

Barbora came in dressed in a white dressing gown. She seemed to be quite relaxed, almost serene and Jaro really admired the inner strength of her. He knew that he would never be able to do this. Ole and Eliska were looking at the police officer too and Ole asked her if she still was sure that they could continue to do this. As an unexperienced model it was possible that she panicked, he said. He didn’t want that, would try everything possible to prevent this. Barbora  just took the dressing gown off and said: “Let’s do it!”

Jaro was stunned, she was really even more beautiful than he expected. Ole came to her with a few ropes in his hands. Before he started he asked if the mask and the gagging ball should be used too. Barbora laughed a bit and said that this would not be very handy is she wanted to communicate with her sergeant. Ole nodded, he had expected this, did not have masks or gagging balls ready for the session.

Barbora looked at her sergeant and laughed again: “Come on Jaro, you have seen nude girls before. Don’t drool!” Jaro closed his mouth and mumbled something nobody understood. The Master went to the back of Barbora, asked her to put her arms over there and tied them. The police sergeant saw how her magnificent breasts were sort of pushed forward by this and seemed to have become bigger. He noticed that Eliska was admiring them too. Jaro watched how Ole worked quite quick with his knots; everything he did he explained to Barbora, who was silent. She did everything he wanted and soon she had to be lifted from the floor on the chairs. Jaro was asked to assist and he felt his hands trembling when he touched the naked skin of his superior.

Ropes were adjusted to the ceiling and when the chairs were pulled away Barbora was free in the air. She giggled a bit and told the others that this gave her an indescribably feeling. She was hardly able to move a muscle and yet felt completely free.  Ole asked Eliska to bring more candles while he was doing the difficult knots on Barbora’s crotch. He asked a few times if she had objections or felt bad, but she just encouraged him to go on.

Ole asked at a certain moment Jaro to hold Barbora’s waist. Jaro did what was asked. He felt annoyed with himself: his hands were trembling and sweaty. The bound police officer didn’t seem to notice. Instead she said: “Jaro, can you hold my waist with one hand and touch my mouth with the other?” The police sergeant thought this was a strange request and hesitated until she said: “Come on! Do it!” He showed he could reach her lips easily and she reacted: “I know how Kiko died!”

Ole wanted to untie her, but she asked him to wait five minutes so she could enjoy this wonderful feeling a bit longer and closed her eyes. They all stepped aside and let the beautiful woman free. She sighed.  The others could not help just admiring her.     

The interrogation of Pavel

Pavel had been asked to come to the police station. When he got to the reception area he was told to wait a moment. He was sitting on a bench in the hall when Jaro came to get him. Jaro lead him to a room where Barbora already is seated; Pavel was asked to sit on the other side of the table and Pavel pushed a button of a recorder.

“Like you see, mister Kulak, we are going to record this conversation. If you want that, you can ask for a lawyer to assist you.” Barbora told him. Pavel told her there is no need for one because he has not done anything wrong. Jaro lifted an eyebrow and it was obvious that suddenly Pavel didn’t feel so safe anymore. Sweat started to form on his forehead and he took a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe it away.

“Mister Kulak, we have some questions for you. Most of them will be very easy to answer. Are you prepared to do this?” Barbora was saying. Pavel assured them he would answer any question, he had no secrets for the police.

“How is your business doing?” He answered that it went very good.
“Didn’t your company make losses over the last four years? We saw your tax forms.” He admitted this, but said things would pick up soon.
“You are thinking of making a profit from the photographs you took of Kiko?” He admitted this too, adding that newspapers and magazines would pay a fortune for the photos of the last session she ever did.
“You were part of it, isn’t it?” He became a bit irritated. Of course they knew he was there, he made pictures.
“Did you help Ole in any way during the session?” He told Barbora and Jaro almost proud that he had been holding Kiko’s waist while Ole did some difficult knots.
“Do you use duct tape for your cameras and other equipment?” Pavel explained that he fastens his cameras to objects and to the not always fitting tripod to get what he wants.
“Does Ole use duct tape as well?” Pavel told them that Ole has a simple Canon for some easy shots. Ole of course isn’t a real photographer.

Jaro put a plastic bag between them with a piece of duct tape in it. “So this piece of duct tape we found in Ole’s studio on your tripod would be yours?” Pavel could not deny this.
“Some of the glue of this tape is gone. That doesn’t surprise you?” Of course this didn’t surprise him, it had been used.
Jaro put another plastic bag on the table. In it is the purple gagging ball. “How do you think the glue of that piece of duct tape got on this?” Pavel’s face was almost ready to explode, but it became even worse.

“How did the pattern of the holes in the gagging ball got on the piece of duct tape?”
Pavel almost fainted! Jaro banged his fist on the table. “Enough beating around the bush! I think it’s time that you confess. We want the whole story!”
Pavel, almost in tears, started to tell his story. How he was almost bankrupt and how he realised that he might get this chance. He had been so nervous that night and he knew that Kiko might have seen through him. For some time he didn’t want to push it through, but that the possibility when he was holding her waist had been too tempting. He had been feeling awful, but he also had thought that he had committed the perfect crime. It would never been found that he had done this.

“Your fingerprints were all over the duct tape too. Of course this wasn’t the perfect crime, you fool!” Barbora could not prevent to say. “No judge will have problems to convict you! Not even a blind one! Jaro, let him be taken away. He makes me sick!”
Jaro walked out of the interrogation room and got back with a uniformed policeman who led an unstable Pavel away.  Barbora stopped them on the threshold. “One more question: Did you remove the ball gag afterwards?”   The photographer shook his head and then was pushed forward by the policeman.

Jaro came to sit next to the lovely police woman again. “Great police work, I would say. You agree?” She nodded silently while he collected the plastic bags. “What are you going to do now Barbora?”

“I think I will go to Ole and Eliska. They are very entitled to know about the outcome of this case. I know how important this will be for them to be able to continue with his career.” Jaro nodded, he fully understood.

Still some questions left

When Barbora rang the doorbell it was almost like both Ole and Eliska had been waiting for her. They opened the door together within seconds. “I come with good news.”, the police woman said.  Ole asked her to come in the living room before they would start their conversation. She sat down and told them about the confession of Pavel. Nothing would be in the way for Ole to continue with his art. It was very obvious that this made him very happy. He went to Barbora and embraced her; she could see tears in his eyes. He must have been under a lot of stress, she realised. A girl literally died under his hands and of course that had made him a suspect.

Barbora resumed talking when he was seated again. Of course the case was closed, but she still wondered who had taken the ball gag from Kiko’s mouth. Pavel didn’t do it and Ole and Eliska denied doing it too. Eliska told again about her experience in Kiko’s bed. She was almost sure there was another person in the house. Not visible, but clearly there.  Barbora was not convinced, it still seemed a weird story to her.

Eliska told her that there was only one way for her to find out. Just spend the night in that bed and see for yourself. If that invisible person was gone with the death of Kiko there would be no way of convincing Barbora, but Eliska had had this weird night in that bed after that. So it should happen to her if she would sleep in that bed. Barbora agreed to try it, they would see her coming to spend the night soon.

Barbora’s night in the red room

After another lovely meal Eliska had prepared for them, Barbora, Eliska and Ole spend a very nice evening talking about films, books and of course bondage. It was a bit disturbing that the electricity went off completely. Eliska got some candles out of a cupboard and lit them. The police woman was soon feeling quite tired and decided to go to bed. Eliska brought her to the red room with a candle in the neck of an empty wine bottle. She placed the bottle on the night table together with a glass of water, embraced Barbora and wished her a good night.

Barbora undressed in the dim light of the candle and got in bed like she was doing every night, nude because she could not sleep hindered by clothes. She looked around and saw the furniture, beautiful and mysterious in this light. Soon she fell asleep, but it was quite restless, having weird dreams that kept haunting her. In the dream she felt she was in a session of bondage that exceeded her imagination by far. But it felt good and somehow she knew she was in trusted hands. The hands did their work in a soft, almost in a fuzzy way. She was put on her knees and because of the way she was bound, she could only rock forward and backwards. She was held from behind and all was good.

Suddenly it stopped and she woke up feeling very thirsty. She wanted to reach towards the glass of water to have a sip, but could not move a muscle. It almost felt she was paralized and she started to get a panicky feeling. But before she could even think about yelling for fear she felt the bounds disappear. Within seconds she could move around freely again. She had to go to the bathroom and without thinking turned on the light. It was working perfectly and when she was done she had a look in the mirror.

All over her body were welts, in a perfect image like she had been in a perfect bondage. She felt she was shaking and went out of the room and knocked on Ole’s bedroom door. Eliska came to the door in a robe  and immediately saw what happened. “Now you experienced that I have not been lying to you.” Barbora nodded and asked where Ole was. He was in his bed in a deep sleep. After Kiko’s death the doctor had given him sleeping tablets which he used almost every night to be able to sleep.

Eliska took her by the hand and together they went back to the red room. She took the robe off and held her till she fell asleep again.

The next morning they discussed what happened to Barbora in the night. Ole regretted that he never saw the welts. Maybe he could have learned from this. The three of them agreed on thinking that this invisible Master had to be a good soul with no bad intentions. There was no need to disturb him. Barbora told them again that the investigations were all done. Her experience in the night would not be part of the report. Nobody would believe it.


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